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#WhatsTheWordWithTedJones: Kanye In Uganda, #BoycottTI, Ariana and Pete $100K Engagement Split, Royal PDA



What’s Up people, it’s another week and you know that means, the world is buzzing and the streets are talking so “What’s The Word”… Last week Ye found himself in Africa, Uganda to be specific to get inspiration to complete his album ‘Yandhi’.

The rapper has been on a couple tours and met with the Ugandan President, who hosted Ye and his family after which YE gifted him a pair of signed Yeezy boosts. Word on the streets is that Kanye wants to get involved in creating a tourism and hospitality school for higher education for the people in Uganda. Moving on, Ariana Grande has returned Pete Davidson’s $100K engagement ring after they officially split up and called off their engagement. However, he did let her keep their pet pig name Piggy Smallz.

The world of twitter if fuming with outrage after Piers Morgan mocked James Bond star Daniel Craig for wearing a baby carrier. The Good morning Britain host shared a tweet with a picture of Craig carrying his daughter on his front in what is often known as a Papoose or baby carrier. He wrote “Oh 007… not you as well? #papoose #emasculatedBond

This has sparked lots of comments and criticism and replies even from Captain America himself Chris Evans. Despite the reactions, Piers remain unchanged in his views as he came back to write “I just hate Papooses. I know the shrieking Twitter mob is trying to bully me into liking them but they will fail their mission. Moving on to some FLOTUS drama Melania Trump’s Spokeswoman has called for the boycott of T.I over his new music video. Tip recently dropped a banging new music video with features a Melania Trump lookalike and it’s not sitting well with a few people including one of Trump’s spokeswoman. She tweeted “How is this acceptable? #disgusting #BoycottTI and the first lady also retweeted…

#WhatsTheWordWithTedJones: Kanye In Uganda, #BoycottTI, Ariana and Pete $100K Engagement Split

#WhatsTheWordWithTedJones: Kanye In Uganda, #BoycottTI, Ariana and Pete $100K Engagement Split

And finally to lovey-dovey vibes hits the streets again as Meghan Markle wants Prince Harry to “Stand Under Her Umbrella” The Duke and Duchess of Sussex first royal tour started this week with aplomb with the announcement they’re expecting a baby together in 2019 and throughout this week the couple has been busy but it’s been nothing short of adorable. Proving that they are constantly supportive partners when Prince Harry needed to give a speech in the pouring rain Meghan Markle stepped in to hold an umbrella over her husband looking on romantically as he spoke to the crowd.

Watch the wrap up on this week’s episode of #What’sTheWord with yours truly Ted Swaelee Jones


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