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Wheels On YEN: Celebrating Ghanaian Celebrities And Their Love For Luxurious Cars


on, your authoritative all-around online news website, is celebrating the achievements of Ghanaian celebrities with its latest editorial project, Wheels On YEN.

As the name suggests, Wheels On YEN is a celebrity lifestyle project with a focus on their love for cars, ranging from what they own to what they dream to have.

Top Ghanaian celebrities have already started sharing their car preferences and reasons for their choices in a series of interviews.

“With this project, we hope to bring Ghana’s favourite celebrities closer to their fans by offering them a way to experience the other sides of their idols.


We seek to celebrate the wins of these stars, and is leading the way in charting this path of positivity,” Managing Director Samuel Obour said.

Apart from bridging the gap between celebrities and their followers, Wheels On YEN is also aimed at motivating fans to strive to achieve their dreams just like some of the stars did.

“We often tend to think that the achievements of celebrities and the people we see in the media are impossible. That is why we believe that their stories would inspire their followers and show that they can start small and still make it in life,” Obour added.

Wheels On YEN to thrill fans


Wheels ON YEN is a thrilling project for readers as it promises to bring quality content to fans.

Media mogul Bola Ray, rapper Medikal, and fashion entrepreneur Osebo The Zaraman, are among the many stars lined up in the series.

Osebo details his love for luxury cars

In the first interview on Wheels On YEN, Osebo The Zaraman recounted his days of being a luxury car collector.


The fashion trendsetter said his turning point was influenced by his daughter, Akosua, and spiritual father, Apostle Kwadwo Safo.

The owner of 24/7 Boutique added that he realised cars were not sustainable investments.

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