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When altruism and decentralized finance merge – meet Jacob Beckley



The American businessman came up with his biggest idea yet – the CURE Token, just over a year ago to enormous success. But before this new-found glory in the province of decentralized finance (DeFi), Jacob Beckley’s quest as a philanthropist cannot be understated.


Of the several prominent figures in the expansive world of cryptocurrency today – think Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto, Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, etc., Jacob Beckley, although new to the party is an instant highlight of the broad market. How come, you may ask? Well, for starters, where others did it for fortunes untold, Beckley did it for the noble act of selflessness and hit an all-time-high market value of $51 million USD to say the least. It’s that simple.



Before venturing into the very volatile decentralized finance however, Beckley’s intentions have never been puzzling. Not only has the Beckley Foundation he founded and continues to spearhead raised over a million dollars so far, but it has donated 150% of the said amount to pediatric cancer research due to Beckley and his wife’s commitment to match every dollar raised with 50 cents.


Be it rowing in his custom-built boat for over a day across all 65 miles of Lake Michigan alone, to rowing alongside former American Football cornerback, Charles Tillman a few hours longer, Beckley’s passion, which is now expressed as a decentralized financial token open to the public is an evolution worthy of praise. And as his new brainchild is set to give international healthcare a facelift through blockchain technology, Jacob Beckley’s honorable character renders a beautiful portrait of what could be if altruism and decentralized finance became one.



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