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When I die, give my useful organs and parts to people who need them – Adomaa’s funeral wish



Ghanaian singer and actress, Adomaa, recently voiced her unconventional wish not to be buried in the wake of soaring graveyard prices in the country.

In response to a Graphic report highlighting the escalating costs, Adomaa expressed a desire to donate her useful organs, opting for a more eco-friendly approach by having the remainder of her remains contribute to the growth of a tree.

In her own words, Adomaa emphasized, “Honestly, I do not want to be buried in this way. Give my useful organs and parts to people who need them, then plant a seed with the rest of me (cremated or any inexpensive way) and let me exist as a tree. Y’all can have a picnic, play music, laugh and dance under the shade. I’d like that very much.”


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