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Where to look for ideas for posts on social networks: eternal sources of topics

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Where to look for ideas for posts on social networks: eternal sources of topics

The tragedy for the SMM is the lack of content themes. One of the most difficult aspects of SMM is keeping your account up to date: you still need to post, but you can refer to the tips: visit places where you can endlessly peep for ideas for new posts on social networks and blog posts.

Useful Post Ideas

Google Trends

Follow news feeds: react to current events with jokes or useful materials. You can find such events in the trends of any platforms (for example, all current events are discussed on Twitter and are on the Trends tab).

Look in Google Trends to assess what users are discussing on the Internet today – firstly, as a profession, the SMM needs to be aware of high-profile topics, and secondly, among the information lines, you can find information relevant to your brand. And from them, you can get ideas for posts.

The free Google tool will tell you the number of search queries for any keyword – use it to study the relevance of the topic chosen for the post, if in doubt about it.

To search for new ideas for posts, use the tips – this section shows the queries that users are also interested in. Here you will find topics relevant to your audience, as well as evaluate the demand for them.


Use social media services Insta4likes to increase your popularity on Instagram. Always use trusted services because you want quality services.

User Surveys

Find out what they are interested in from the audience – this is how you get involved and collect ideas for posts that you convert to a list of topics. Suggest writing ideas for posts – or problems on the topic of your community – in comments or replies on Instagram.


The biggest response from the audience – and therefore engagement in the community – will trigger topics that concern users. And what bothers people, they are actively discussing. Keep track of such discussions in the comments on competitor communities, forums, and Q&A sites.

Foreign resources

Choose the best foreign blogs and communities on your topic and monitor them – adaptation for an English-speaking audience will turn such posts not into translation, but into new material made based on what they saw.

To search for such resources, try using Pinterest. This covers blog material that you might not find through a regular search. Enter queries relevant to the topic and follow the link to the image source.

Competitors: analytics

Track and analyze competitor’s posts. You will understand which topics work best, which competitive mechanics give the best engagement, and which, on the contrary, do not work.

Tips for creating cool Instagram videos from Instagram

Instagram has published a selection of tips for video content authors, bloggers, and brand content managers to help create engaging and quality content for the feed, Stories, and IGTV, as well as promote videos on IGTV.

How to make cool Instagram videos

1.    Stay true

The audience interacts much better with content that creates a sense of personal communication. Be honest in your messages, share unique content about your life that followers cannot see in other places: back-stage photos and videos, not perfect and not processed materials.

2.    Video posting frequency and creativity

The secret to success is regularity. Do not be afraid to publish materials every day and do not bother because of them. As long as you stay connected and stick to your values, followers will stay with you and keep track of your life.

Frequent publications will force the audience to monitor your content. Set a goal to publish in feed, Stories or IGTV at least once a week.

3.    Get closer to the audience

Interact with followers: use stickers with questions or @ mention the most active users. Involving the community is the key to Instagram success, and publicly responding to a comment or tag can give you a lifelong fan.

4.    Tell stories

Create content that lets your followers feel like they’re with you right now. Your fails, reactions to funny moments and even morning exercises are the reason that people will follow you and leave comments and reactions.

Use different tools – a carousel of photos and videos, countdown stickers will help to create an interesting content about the most common situations.

Three rules for creating branded content

1.    Be transparent

To gain the trust of your audience, tag the companies you work with. According to Instagram rules, authors must tag business partners in posts with branded content.

2.    Be relevant

Work with brands whose products you like.

3.    Create native content

Make sure the post looks natural in your account and is appropriate for your audience. Followers do not want their attention to be sold.

IGTV: be the first

How to make a quality video for IGTV on Instagram? Create a series of commercials 2-3 minutes long so that followers would like to watch them all. IGTV videos should be vertical, in a 9:16 format – users are used to this format.

Other format videos are better for storytelling or Instagram feeds.

Tip for professionals: Add action at the very beginning of the video so that the audience continues watching after the video starts. Watching in IGTV counts from the third second.

Step-by-step instructions for promoting the video on IGTV

  1. 3 days before the release: share backstage to the story to announce the release of the video.
  2. In 2 days: publish the sticker with a countdown to the story.
  3. At boot time: post the IGTV video preview in the stream.
  4. 1-10 minutes after the publication of the video: use the IGTV sticker on the story on Instagram.
  5. 1-10 minutes after the publication of the video: post a link to the IGTV video on Facebook and other social networks.
  6. The day after publication: start the live broadcast to discuss the reaction of followers to your IGTV video.
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