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Which online casinos are legitimate



Online casinos are becoming more and more popular within gamblers all around the world, but also for people who have never tried out one and are thinking of doing it for the first time. It makes sense, since online casinos are a fantastic way to play your favorite games from wherever and whenever you want.

However, most players wonder how they can trust the site is a secure place to gamble their money; they have serious doubts about how safe are online casinos. And it is only logical! One of the most important things to take into account when looking for a site to play on, is to make sure it is a safe and legitimate one. After all, we are talking about your money, your personal data and financial information.

There are tons of online casinos to pick from the internet; but not all of them are legitimate ones. Some online casinos are rigged, or dishonest; there are plenty of legitimate sites that will try to entice you to gamble on them, suggesting they are completely safe and reliable, when they truly aren´t. Avoid accessing sites that appear from pop-up ads, clicking a random link from unknown sources could end up in scams or viruses.

Therefore, it is essential to make sure you are choosing the right site to gamble, one that is 100% legitimate and safe. In this article we will give you all the information you need to know to learn how to distinguish which are the most trusted casino online sites.

How to know when an online casino is safe and secure?

When looking for a trustworthy legitimate gambling site you must evaluate if it meets certain requirements, such as:

All safe online casinos must have the proper licensing granted by the corresponding institution (depending on the country / state where it resides). This license allows them to operate and it makes sure that they do it in a legal and fair way. It ensures they are regulated by an official agency, to guarantee the players rights and safety.

Every legitimate casino must go through regular audits carried out by a third party. This audits ensure the casino is offering a fair play and they also evaluate how they treat players and their funds.

Security and software
Any reputable casino is expected to work with the most prestigious software companies, with several experience regarding the security of online gambling. We are referring to encrypted software to protect the players personal and financial information, and to prevent fraud. All games should be tested for fairness by a regulatory organization.

Fair games
Every game should use RNG (Random Number Generator) software, to be able to ensure a fair game. That way the chances of winning are random and can´t be anticipated or manipulated. This software should also be tested by a third party.

SHA-3 Hash Algorithm
To avoid RNG being manipulated it is necessary to use a SHA-3 hash algorithm. All the top-notch casinos use this algorithm and they are tested to ensure its correct function.

Safe transactions
online casinos are they safe? To ensure safe transactions the casino must use an encrypted software, like the Hybrid RSA Encryption, to encrypt all the data players have to introduce on the site. This encryption makes it impossible for an unauthorized party to intercept such data; and this is essential, regarding security, when it comes to online betting.

Withdrawals and deposits
Of course, these transactions should be 100% secure too, and to ensure that it is necessary to use the best SSL encryption technology. Your information will be safe at casinos with SSL encryption.

All these validating information should be displayed upfront on their site for you to easily find and read. Illegitimate sites aren’t so forthcoming with providing all these documentation.
Another important tool to recognize the best legitimate casinos is to read the reviews online.

There are plenty of sites that specialize in granting such information, like which are the best online casinos, the most secure, the ones that pay better, the online casinos accepting us players, the ones with the best games and security, etc. All of them are tested by the people who provide such information through these websites, which also include the reviews by other experienced players around the world.


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