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Which opportunities to seize in Global Wealth Management?



The market has been under the foothold of a pandemic, and it will take some time for a full recovery. In the meantime, the pandemic has brought few changes that have completely transformed how the financial sector, or any other sector for that sake, worked. That means carrying out financial services market research while focusing on details and new trends is a crucial point nobody can afford to miss.

What do the stats say about Wealth Management?

2021 reports show that around 33% of investors will move their funds to new providers that best resonate with their needs. Anyone familiar with little know-how understands the number is big enough to ignore. But the question here is—why?

To answer such eye-opening statistics, Deloitte and other industry leaders have partnered for a report – Wealth and Asset management 4.0. Below are a few takeaways from that report!


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Digital engagement

A common misconception about digital channels in financial markets is that only young, and big investors use these options. But, the data shows a different picture.

Around thousands of investors were asked which engagement channel would they prefer in the future, and surprisingly digital channels got maximum votes.


Unsurprisingly, 89% of billionaires, Millennials, or baby boomers have listed WMP’s mobile app as a preference for engagement. But why so? Investors state covid as the most prominent reason for transforming the market arena. Digital access is essential, and as the number suggests—75% of investment interactions will go digital by 2023.

Another significant data point here, a major chunk of investors are looking to spread their investment accounts across several WMPs. What is the motivation behind this move? Mitigation of risks can be a motivating factor, but it is accompanied by extreme competition for brand strength and loyalty. Therefore, an opportunity for wealthy firms lies here that can easily futureproof their business and may even increase their market share. What is it? Engage with investors on channels they trust and value most, which is why digital engagement is necessary. It may seem hard, but using the right tools can significantly up your digital game on a large scale.

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A purposeful Investment


Melissa Cullen’s remark that personally held beliefs about inclusivity, diversity, and climate change will no longer stay distinct from businesses makes a clear point for financial markets.

What is that Point?

The point here is that, like other sectors and markets that keep the economy functioning, the investment sector is no longer untouched by the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) factors. The debates on inclusivity, climate change, social responsibility, and human rights have entered the investment sector. The significance of ESG factors is more of a trend changing how investors used to think.

The report states that today’s clients care more about their wealth firm’s stance on social and environmental policies than ever. It is no surprise that WMP remarks directly towards an increased interest in ESG investment from clients of all ages and wealth levels.


Final Remark!

These two takeaways are essential for all global wealth management experts and investors. It’s crucial to stay updated about the things happening around the world because all developments decide the future course of markets. Therefore, it is time to turn ESG investments and digital engagement from goals to practical, efficient, and intelligent solutions.

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