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Who is Ghana’s best female perfomer: Battle of the Divas



Following recent comments by former Big Brother Africa rep, Mimi ‘Divalish’ Andani, suggesting that she would soon become the best female artist in Ghana with the launch of her album, I couldn’t help but ask myself the question, who really is the best female performer in Ghana? According to Mimi, she is going to beat the completion like stealing candy from a kid because most Ghanaian female artist put up performances similar to that of children singing and dancing at any children’s party. And while I agree with her that some of her counterparts need a lot of work on their stage craft, Mimi has a lot to prove to me and the rest of Ghana that she could actually sing to save her performances.

But seriously though who are the best female performers in the game?

I think Becca would be right up there with the best because she always tries to go the extra length to entertain her audience. Although she may not have the best vocals, she is aware of her range and very often she comfortably performs within her range. With a deep voice akin to Tracey Chapman, a slinky and sexy body combined with a unique fashion sense, Becca certainly knows how to attract the right attention for herself and her music. Her stage craft without a doubt is the most elaborate amongst her contemporaries. With heavy props, lighting and audiovisuals, she usually tries to tell a story and make her audience live in the moment of her performances – similar to what a Beyonce or Mariah Carey would do, but only to smaller audiences and restricted venues.

Becca continues to be on the rise in Ghana and across Africa, collaborating with international acts and producers. With a catalogue of hits to her credit, I am waiting for the moment when I would see her headline her own concert so that I can put her up there with the best Africa has to offer. A word of advice to her though; she should stick to performing within her range because sometimes her ambitions on stage frighten me. Let me just say that I wasn’t too impressed with her over the top tribute to Michael Jackson in the last public performance I saw of her. She was completely overwhelmed by the MJ songs…baby steps diva, baby steps!!!!

Sex sells, and this next person on my list is aware of it; and has no plans to stop using her sex appeal to her advantage. Mzbel is not the best singer by a long shot, neither is she the best rapper but her ability to get away with her play on words and raunchiness is a skill that cannot be matched by any of her colleagues. But she better watch out for Eazzy, because she also understands the power of ‘sexy’ and is working her way up. She just needs to put in more work with her music; breathing ‘mmmmm’ and moaning in a song is simply not enough, Eazzy. Anyway back to Mzbel! Her lyrics are controversially stimulating and her stage performances even more seductive. With skimpy attires and ubiquitous booty shaking by herself and her female dancers, Mzbel is often criticized for pushing the envelope a bit too much. Nonetheless, Ghanaians home and abroad enjoy her music and performances and she is definitely going to stir more controversies with her new album, ‘Saucy Girl’ which spots a topless Mzbel on the cover.

‘Stars of the Future’ trio of Irene Logan, Jane ‘Efyah’ Awindor and Adina ‘Thembi’ Ndamse have impressed me with some good performance either collectively, individually, or however the permutation goes. No doubt these ladies have very good vocals but can they bring on? While still together as a group, Irene and Jane proved at all the numerous Charter House events that they could sing and in some cases dance as well. They were appealing to watch and that has not changed much since they both assumed separate solo careers. I recently saw Jane in a live performance at the launch of the latest edition of Canoe Quarterly Magazine, and truly she has the right attitude and makings of the diva she so desperately wants to be. I have seen only one performance from ‘Stars of the Future’ Season 3 winner; Adina and I must say she has a lot of potential. She can sing and dance pretty well as well; two elements of any good performance. At this point, I would like to ask Mimi whether she can do either. Just kidding! Throw in a little of her sex appeal and Adina is ready to go, so I would put her in my list and hope that she doesn’t disappoint me.

Surely this list isn’t exhaustive of the many talented female performers in Ghana; it is just the list of artistes that immediately came to my mind as natural competition for Miss Divalish, the moment she made her claims. And in no way can I conclude without adding the true gospel diva, Christiana Love in the mix. Without a doubt, the energy and charisma of this gospel music icon puts her above most of the younger female singers of her time. She rocks every show that she performs on and even with a protruding belly; she’s been known to shake the devils off.

Yes, the odds are up against Mimi alias Lady Gaga but let’s wait a few more month and perhaps a few performances from Mimi (that is if she gets the chance) to see if she can live up to her words.