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Who will make the cut? – Hundreds audition for Miss Malaika 2013



MISS MALAIKA_2013 AUDITIIONING (815 of 974)Over 500 young women have auditioned for a shot at Miss Malaika 2012, Sharon Coffie’s crown. By midafternoon the judges, William Asiedu (The Mirror), Rodney Quarcoo (RQV Photography) and Miss Malaika 2010, Ama Nettey had arrived for the real showdown. The three on three sessions that would determine who made it to the next stage.   Prior to meeting the seasons search judges however, an initial search panel specifically set up to trim down the numbers had done just that. Looking specifically at beauty of face and figure and general appearance of our wanna be queens, the team broke many hearts as they cut down the numbers to about 50%. By this time it was believed that from those that remained, we had the bold, beautiful, confident and articulate ladies who were more than ready to meet our search judges. The task was simple. Meet, impress and qualify or wait another year. “It was an interesting experience and it sure did open memories of my audition days. Seemed just like yesterday. Malaika has surely changed my life for the best…” Ama Nettey- Miss Malaika 2010.   It may be worthy to note at this stage, that unlike previous years, the judges had a bit of a tough time this year as the ladies came well prepared. After hours of meeting every single one of them, some 106 were confirmed for the next round of competition. The second semifinal stage which will be stiffer and highly competitive as the final 12 delegates will be chosen from the 106 to enter Miss Malaika Ghana 2013.   Visit the Miss Malaika fanpage on facebook for more entertaining and behind the scenes shots at the auditions. Miss Malaika brought to you by GhOne entertainment TV with support from Charter House Ghana. Miss Malaika….simply glamorous.]]>

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