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Why are gay people constantly seeking for validation to practice their sexual pleasures?- Mr Logic questions



Bisa Kdei saved Ghanaian highlife music from dying; accord him that respect - Mr Logic

The Chairman of the Ghana Association of Songwriters, Mr Logic has expressed that members of the LGBTQ+ community’s constant need for validation is not necessary.

According to him, he does not understand why the gay community is constantly in the news seeking rights to practice their sexual desires.

Speaking on the “United Showbiz” show, Mr Logic explained that they can practice their sexual preference in silence, without the constant need to be validated.


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“These gay people, I will blame them, because why are they seeking for validation? My problem with them is that they want rights, what are they doing with the rights. Do you need validation from me before you sleep with a man in your room? Do your thing in your room.

“That is where I find them stupid, we have sex in the room so if you prefer the pleasure of a man, why should someone give you a right? You have your right to do what you want with your body. They don’t need validation from anybody to practice your sexual pleasures with anybody. Gay people don’t even know what rights they have,” he stated.

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To buttress his point, Mr Logic explained that people in heterosexual relationships engage in all types of sex, including anal, however, they do not come out to ask for rights to do so.

“They don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t need validation to practice their sexual pleasures in their rooms. Practice it in the room, there are more bigger men who practice sex through the back of their wives. Women are going through buttocks sex in their rooms, and their husbands even enjoy the pain their wives feel during sex,” he added.

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