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Why I left Mali to kick start my music career in Ghana – Dinero Sissoko



Musician Dinero Sissoko has explained why he moved to Ghana to pursue his music career.

In a recent interview with Ameyaw TV, the Malian-born, Ghana-based artist revealed that he chose to pursue his musical career in Ghana because of his musical ‘taste’.

”Because of my choice of music,  the whole afrobeat thing is not really in Mali so I came to Ghana to pursue music” he explained.


Asked why he couldn’t do that in Mali he said: ”yeah I can do it in Mali too but there’re not a lot of people like me over there so they can’t really relate to the type of music I’m doing”

Since coming to Ghana in 2008, Dinero Sissoko has released a single ‘Need No Love’ in 2021, and his latest ‘Forever Sissoko Dinero’ EP.

The six-track body of work is the singer’s triumphant entry, with opener “Je T’aime” a love ballad that prepares the listener for a lofty soundscape. Je T’aime, which means “I love you,” was recorded in Dinero’s native French dialect, demonstrating that Dinero is all about the process, cultivating an atmosphere of deep and unapologetic reflection.

Stream EP below.


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