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Why Millennials Are Embracing Private Jet Charter

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Why Millennials Are Embracing Private Jet Charter

A private jet doesn’t just provide travel – it guarantees comfort, privacy and relaxation. These three qualities are especially important when you’re on a business trip. 

Why Millennials Are Embracing Private Jet Charter
Why Millennials Are Embracing Private Jet Charter

These models also deliver straightforward journeys for large groups, which increases their popularity with international companies even more. 

As millennials grow further into adulthood, the average age of charter hire is decreasing. Here, we explore the three main reasons why. 

  1. Professional Millennials 

More millennials are entering the workplace than ever before. Very often, each generation will have its preferred methods of doing things – and this is no different for travelling. 

Overall, the airplane experience has improved since it first took off. Today, many young people expect the highest level of quality when they fly. This extends to their professional lives, as well. 

Several businesses that hire millennials have begun to respond to this through private jet charter hire. In doing this, they’ve been able to heighten their desirability for younger employees.  

  • Bleisure Travel 

“Bleisure” refers to the combining of business and pleasure, which is particularly popular with millennials. 

Several people – from a range of ages – are asking for more space and time for relaxation at work – and rightly so! A healthy work-life balance can benefit your emotional and mental wellbeing massively. 

But a demand for Bleisure is particularly high among younger workers. Unsurprisingly, this has expanded to company travel. When young professionals embark on plane journeys, they want to be given the opportunity to unwind. 

A private jet can deliver this and more –that’s why millennials have started to comprise a large proportion of this consumer market.  

  • Attitudes to Accessible Luxury 

In general, Millennials’ attitudes to ownership are stark when compared to those of Baby Boomers and Generation X members. 

A report conducted in 2017 highlighted that justone in five young peopleown property – a statistic that has most likely increased since. Similarly, that same year, it was declared that 18 – 29 year oldswere the age group with the lowest percentage of car owners. 

A primary reason for this could be high student loan repayments. In addition, several millennials would rather rent and hirebecause it means that they could still afford treats like eating out. 

Every day luxuries are important for this age group – even more so than ownership. This could also explain why private jet charters are gaining traction with millennials. 

Millennials are transforming all aspects of working life – including business travel. There has never been a more exciting time for professionals of any age. Thanks to these changes, we may even see the relationship between company leaders and employees become revolutionised. 

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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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