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Guest Blog: Why money does not like noise



“Money doesn’t like noise”, a profound quote by his excellency president Nana Akufo Addo Dankwa, indeed out of any imaginary comprehension what could be the practical or scientific evidence for this?

In my quest to understand this qoutes without proliferation of politics, are there any correlation between money and noise my findings baffled me and I believe this is worth the time of pen and paper it’s necessary for the minds that cherish sustainability of wealth.

Let’s do some definitions first, money and currency are not the same for the purpose of this resource. in economics money and currency are often used interchangeably which could mean the same but since we are dealing with a quote that has infinite attributes ‘noise’ then we cannot relate money to currency. If money doesn’t like noise then the noise is a dangerous evil fellow to money! (this statement is undefined¹) so what is noise? How does noise repels money? Noise is a loud sound that may pleasant or unpleasant wanted or unwanted depending on where one is on the side of the noise made, for example, if I’m dancing to a piece of loud music at a party to me it’s another music I am enjoying to my neighbors who are not at the party it’s another noise, so the same sound(noise) having different meaning and implications, in other words, the noise itself is not a dangerous or evil fellow ( statement ¹ defined) now we have established there is not evil or dangerous about noise.

Money is undefined depending on who you ask the answer you will get for example if I ask a banker he will tell me money is an asset if I ask a doctor he will say money saves life; if I ask politicians he will say money is power, if I ask motivational speakers he will say money is wisdom/knowledge, if I ask a teacher he will say money is education study to make money, if I ask the rich man he will, of course, say money is wealth, if I ask the poor he will say money is the root to all evil!, so what is money exactly?


so far we can decipher that noise is not evil or detrimental to money, to make noise or not is only a definite of purpose which has nothing to do with money, and money is undefined. regardless from a broader view everyone needs money it’s a substantial part of living, and money is a medium of exchange for the ability to buy, and trade for goods and services this is true when all economic indicators remain favorable and good but when inflation is on the rise the ability to buy or exchange for goods or trade becomes a nightmare, there is no such relationship between money and noise, to make noise doesn’t determine how rich or how poor someone will get.


Having discussed this topic from an economics-scientific perspective, we live in a very characteristic society where everyone is entitled to his or her opinions which I respect, in other words from a social perspective “money doesn’t like noise is very true” and it’s proven by the observation of the rich lifestyle. The rich talk less, avoid arguments, they easily let go of grudges, and instead of making noise about their failures or hardship they simply find solutions and move forwards.

But the poor make noise about everything, anything, they make noise about their mistakes blaming this or that.


To conclude, making noise doesn’t determine how rich or how poor someone will get, from economics-scientific perspective noise made constructively can be very beneficial and profitable for example making sales noise or adverts as our market women do at the market.

By Atisu Delanyo

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