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Why Online Studying Is Becoming Increasingly Popular



Whilst once it may have sounded crazy to earn a degree from the comfort of your own home, nowadays studying online has become the popular choice for many and for good reason. If you are looking at changing your career or advancing in the one you are currently in there is more than likely an online course or online university for you to choose from. If you are considering studying, here is why you may want to choose your degree online rather than on campus.

Less Cost

One of the most common reasons people choose to study online is cost. Some online universities offer lower tuition fees for their course than if you were to attend a traditional university but this is not always the case. Whilst it may not be tuition fees that are less costly, there are a number of other reasons why studying online can save you money. First of all, you do not have to worry about the cost or effort of commuting to a university. This can cost in itself a lot of money each year, especially if you do not live close. This added with the cost of parking can save you a lot of money compared to sitting at home and studying from your desk.

Studying from home also cuts out the cost of food and drinks whilst at university; think of the how much money you could save on coffees each year! If you were going to attend a university which was far away you would also have the added cost of accommodation which is also cut out if you study online. For those with children who do not have any other form of childcare, the cost of childcare whilst having to attend university classes can also be a burden for many.


Studying online is much more flexible as you do not have set times in which you need to be in a class. Whilst you will still have deadlines and coursework set each week, it doesn’t matter what time you choose to study. Whether this be in the middle of the night when the kids have gone to bed or in the afternoon after work, studying online provides so much more flexibility and convenience especially for those with other commitments such as children. Some people work better in the morning whilst others in the afternoon or evening. You know what works best for you and with online classes you can choose to work when you know you will be at your best.

Huge Amount of Courses Available

Studying online provides with it a huge variety of courses and degrees. Believe it or not you can study everything online from nursing degrees to midwifery degrees. These CNM online classes allow you to study online to become a midwife, with just the occasional time where you will have to be on campus. This means for the majority of the time you can do coursework straight from home and travel to your placement from home. Online studying is also great for those who want to choose a certain course but are unable to due to the travel time it would take to attend the university of their choice. For many this is the big deal breaker when choosing between online or on campus.

Continue Working

Many people are put off furthering their career or studying for a new career due to the fact that they would have to take time away from work to travel to and from university. Whilst it can be difficult studying online and working full-time, you could look at cutting your hours down to part-time for studying or some people choose to continue on full-time hours and study. This is all down to your work ethic and personal commitments outside of work but studying whilst working can be done.

You should enquire how many hours you need to put in a week for your course so that you can plan in advance how much time you can spare each week to see if the course is right for you. If you are choosing to study a degree which would be beneficial to your job role or is likely to lead to a promotion, you may even be able to have time designated in the office to study. If this is the case enquire with your management team as this may be a viable option and also shows intuition and drive that could earn you that promotion.

Better Learning Environment

If going into a large lecture room full of students whilst being talked at by a lecturer for hours isn’t for you then online studying may be the best choice. For those students who tend to take a step back and let others do the talking in class, online learning could actually promote confidence as you are behind a screen rather than face-to-face. Learning from the comfort of your own home may also be better for those with a chronic illness, pregnant women or those who know they will work better from home. It may not be the best option for everyone and you need to know that you will have the drive and determination to work from home with other distractions around. Some online students choose to study in their favorite café or with friends.

Computer Skills

Online learning requires a number of computer skills and this can be beneficial for many job roles. Whilst studying online you will have to watch videos, upload documents, navigate specific learning systems and share documents. If your technical skills aren’t up to scratch, this could be the perfect way to improve them and learn more skills whilst studying.

Studying online provides many benefits and with the amount of courses available there has never been a better time to enquire. If you want flexibility, less costs and the ability to study from your own home or favorite café, choosing an online degree may be your best option.