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Why Should You Invest in an ADU?



An ADU or Accessory Dwelling Unit can be considered as a long-term investment that’s capable of fetching you good returns. Bringing forth plentiful benefits, ADUs are a delight for homemakers facing the challenges of housing. By investing in an ADU, you can be assured of getting feasible answers for your concerns for safety, affordability, independent and privacy in daily living. There are many reasons why you should consider looking at ADUs to take care of your immediate and future housing needs.

Economical Solution to Housing

Are you looking for a budget-friendly addition to your existing home? Have you been worried about providing the best (but an affordable) place to live in for your granny, parents-in-law, or any other loved person? ADU costs can differ based on their quality, fees, project scope, and permits. These costs are dependent on the laid down housing regulations and may vary from one jurisdiction to the next. In general, the entire outlay of a permitted, designed and constructed ADU would be but a quarter of the costs involved in purchasing a home to fit in a single-family. An accessory dwelling unit is a suitable means of adding to the existing space or living capacity of your property. Without spending a fortune, you can be assured of gaining more in terms of resale value and the overall worth of your residence.

Accessible and Safe

Once your close ones start aging, they are always in need of care. With families getting scattered for work or any other reason, it’s not possible to provide much-needed care at all times. Safety and health of the elderly start becoming a lingering concern for caregivers. As per expert designers at Acton ADU, this is where homeowners can score by investing in an ADU. An ADU provides the right avenues for homeowners in terms of managing their close and aging relatives. This is specifically true if the ageing family members are grappling with health issues, disabilities, or other special needs.

An accessory dwelling unit helps in bringing both parties nearby without encroaching upon their privacy. In-laws, grandparents, ageing parents, and others can live within the same boundary without disturbing the autonomy of their children, grandchildren or other family members. The main impact of adding an ADU to your existing dwelling lies in improving the quality of life of all members in the family. Along with alleviating the stress related to safety and accessibility, an ADU succeeds in eliminating the need for home care assistance and health care facilities to a large extent. As these costs can be very high, it certainly works in everyone’s favor to have the elderly and those who need constant supervision and care to reside close by. What can be better than creating their own little home for them in an ADU?

High Levels of Comfort and Privacy

Multigenerational families, or households with kids and growing children, or pets, can be very overcrowded. It is difficult to take care of the elderly in such cramped spaces. More so, patients and ageing people generally have their quirks and customized needs that can be difficult to take care of in a full house. ADUs are private, independent and comfortable living spaces that can provide helpful solutions for decreasing social tension or minimizing clutter. By investing in an ADU, homeowners can find relief from the problems of crowded kitchens, shared bathrooms, and compromised sleeping arrangements without any distance coming in the way of relationships.

Young families Investing in ADUs

Starting a home from scratch is an expensive proposition that can make a huge dent in the pocket of young couples. This is no secret. Young families and couples wanting to buy a home have a good option in the form of ADUs. Families investing in ADUs can provide their kids with smart and compact ways of establishing an independent living facility. Alongside, they can start saving for their future home buying while experiencing the happiness of remaining close to their home.

Investment with a Long-term Window

Homeowners desire value maximization when investing in any property, be it a full-fledged home or ADU.  This is done with a view of catering to the financial needs of future generations or for getting better resale value. Making investments in an ADU helps in the utilization of unused property for the creation of a secondary home. An ADU also has the potential for generating passive income. There are instances of homeowners downsizing themselves into the ADU or sharing/renting out a part of their primary property with family members or others. In most cases, this is done when their age of retirement draws near.

Concept of ADU

There are several uses and benefits of an ADU. Often referred to as “distributed housing” it helps in the construction of a supplementary unit in the backyard of the main house. These “minimal-bungalow” type units feature a customized appeal and can be used as living or work-spaces. Family integrity planning is another common thread that’s visible in the investments in ADUs. Overall, these units serve as long-term investments for property owners looking towards creating maximum value in terms of financial and lifestyle independence.

The Last Word

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) can be described as smaller, self-contained living units that are akin to a single-family home. They may either be attached to the main property, a basement unit, garage, or any other free space in the backyard. Sometimes, an ADU can be in the form of a carriage-house or an independent cottage. Whether you are looking for additional space to house your relatives in or a good opportunity for long-term investments, you can be assured of getting apt solutions in the form of ADUs.

You can even consider the concept of having an ADU to create a flexible home office or place for providing care to the elderly or ailing in your family. This sort of flexibility in terms of living has become an important need in today’s society. A great means of accommodating fluctuating work schedules or taking care of alternative family arrangements, ADUs are certainly here to stay in 2020. Plan your investments, today.