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Why You Need An Online Ordering System For Your Restaurant



Customers now primarily expect restaurants to allow them to place orders online due to the shifting circumstances. If you own a restaurant and haven’t jumped on the online ordering bandwagon, you’re already losing out on some great chances to significantly grow your business.

By implementing modern technology, you not only make your consumers’ life easier but also make sure that your company can compete successfully in the market. It’s not just about being able to place an order online when it comes to online ordering; it’s also about being able to reach the appropriate people at the correct time and location.

What is an Online Ordering System?

It’s a very simple concept- an online storefront for your restaurant. Customers can browse your menu which is posted to your website and place an order. You can make changes to your restaurant menu whenever you deem fit and run promotions to increase sales.


Allow your clients to place orders through the medium of their choice from the comfort of their homes. Restaurant ordering systems are made to function on all gadgets, including smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs.

Benefits of Having Your Own Online Ordering System

  1. Facilitates the Ordering Process

In the past, placing an order required calling the restaurant or driving there for takeout, then waiting for the food to be prepared and delivered. Order errors can occasionally occur when placing an order over the phone. These are obviously not the finest ways to order food from restaurants, especially for those who lead busy lives.

The best course of action is to start ordering online. Restaurant operators can develop a website, an app, or perhaps both to improve operations while also making it simpler for consumers to place orders. An online ordering platform can help restaurants run their daily operations more effectively. Contrarily, when a consumer places an order online, they take their time to peruse the menu and become familiar with any add-on discounts and specials that your business must be making available. The overall sale value per order may rise exponentially as a result of this.

  1. Effective Order and Customer Management

By offering a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, an online ordering system for restaurants contributes to improving the relationship between customers and restaurants. It offers a comprehensive sales dashboard that includes details on lifetime sales, new/active/canceled orders, etc. Additionally, it has an order management system that speeds up every step of the ordering process, from placing the order to receiving it. An effective online ordering system notifies restaurant personnel via email or SMS whenever a customer places an order, which helps the staff complete the order more quickly. However, such software also comes with GPS systems that enable you to record the complete address, ensuring prompt and efficient deliveries.

  1. Keep Track of The Costs You Encounter in Real-Time

The major advantage of the online ordering system is that it provides precise information on the restaurant’s cash flow. You may monitor the expenses incurred when processing an order, compare those expenses to the price you charge the consumer, and maintain tabs on your profitability. An online ordering system will provide you with an accurate financial translation of each order in a day when you receive hundreds of orders without requiring you to peek into cash registers.

  1. Low-Cost and Free Marketing

You may increase new and repeat clients to your business by improving your brand’s online market presence. Strong internet presence simply refers to being visible to your clients around-the-clock without having to spend money on costly media advertising and billboards. How? To reach your target audience on the internet, all you need is a user-friendly website and respectable social media activity on sites like Facebook and Instagram. All of this is available for a fraction of the price you would have paid for conventional marketing and advertising strategies. A solid company page on Google My Business can also help consumers wanting to order meals in your neighborhood or within your delivery region quickly find your establishment. It will be a wise investment to have a dedicated crew that can post on social media frequently and interact with your consumers in order to increase website traffic and revenue.

  1. Improved Consumer Data

Who are your dependable clients? What do they frequently eat at your restaurant? What foods are in demand? Do they know about the discounts and deals on the website? Do they favor ordering through an app or a website? The statistics and insights offered by a strong online ordering system for restaurants can be used to find the answers to these and numerous other related issues. This information is crucial because you can use it to send your consumers targeted incentives and encourage them to come back. With the help of in-house solutions, you may thoroughly examine consumer preferences and ordering patterns in order to modify your menu, services, special rates, and other aspects of your business to give each customer a unique experience.

  1. The Ease of Ordering on a Mobile Device

There are situations where placing a phone call to purchase meals may not be possible, such as during meetings or in crowded places. Customers can place orders online using their smartphones, tablets, or other portable devices at any time and location. There is no need for the client to call and disturb someone’s privacy or a conference in order to place an order for lunch. The customer can place an order privately via a mobile app rather than having to speak on the phone. Your website or app will never lose a consumer if it is mobile-friendly.

  1. Keep Up With The Competition

Did you know that just 2% to 3% of restaurants worldwide allow internet ordering? You have the ability to take advantage of this chance and provide your customers access to your restaurants at their fingertips. Independent eateries are investing in this new takeout technology to remain ahead of the competition in response to the growing consumer demand for quicker, more convenient methods to order.

  1. Increase Your Revenue

Because ultimately, that’s what counts most! The online orders are often 20% greater than those placed in-store, which results in higher sales. Customers are more likely to take their time choosing what to order when they can browse the menu without feeling rushed. The math is straightforward: they are more likely to order the more they have time to consider. To sway their purchase, you can run specials and draw attention to particular menu items. What a gain, right there!

  1. Broader Range

Your restaurant may only be able to seat 100–200 patrons at a time, or even fewer, but with online ordering, you may serve thousands of customers simultaneously without having to add any extra personnel or infrastructure. You only need a well-integrated online ordering system to get started.

How Sapaad’s Online Ordering System Can Help You Reach Your Restaurant Goals


With Sapaad, you get to manage every aspect of your restaurant business, drive tremendous growth and enhance customer experience with incredible ease!

  1. Increase Client Engagement

You may create a thorough client database using Sapaad. As a result, whenever a customer phones to make an order, you are already familiar with their name, order history, and menu preferences. This increases client involvement and empowers your order-taking personnel.

  1. Centrally Manage Phone Orders

The integrated call center module from Sapaad makes managing phone orders quite simple. You can set up a central call center to efficiently manage phone orders for all of your locations, or you can accept phone orders at each of your sites. Orders are printed and delivered right to the appropriate kitchen.

  1. Real-time Delivery Monitoring

With Sapaad’s “Delivery Manager,” you can monitor residential deliveries as they take place, from the time your customer puts an order to the moment it arrives at their door. With excellent knowledge of the order preparation and delivery times, as well as the length of time your customers have been waiting, your employees can work while always putting the customer first.

  1. Keep Your Clients Up To Date

Utilize Sapaad’s integrated SMS capability to keep your clients updated on the status of their orders. At every level of order fulfillment, send out proactive, immediate SMS reminders, such as “Thank you for your order!” or “Your food is on the way.” and so forth. Your clients will value being informed as they wait for their food, and you’ll save the inconvenience of fielding follow-up calls.

  1. Improve Communication with Delivery Drivers

It’s crucial to maintain contact with your delivery drivers during peak hours. The fantastic mobile app “Delivery Assistant” from Sapaad connects your Restaurant POS system and your driver’s phone. You can advise them of the orders to deliver, where they are, how long a customer has been waiting, and other information.

  1. Evaluate the Performance of Delivery Personnel

You may evaluate which member of your delivery team is completing most deliveries on time and generating the most sales using Sapaad. To motivate your entire team, you may identify and reward your top-performing delivery people using the “Delivery Report.”

  1. Examine & Find Bottlenecks

You can get excellent insights into the complete home delivery process via Sapaad’s “Delivery Report.” Analyze the amount of time that passed between placing an order and having it delivered, keep track of your travel time, and spot late and on-time deliveries. This aids in identifying operational roadblocks so you can take the appropriate action and enhance your delivery process as a whole.

Summing Up

Millions of restaurants are entering the digital world by releasing a mobile app or their own internal online ordering website. Owners of restaurants have come to understand that spending a little money each month on such technology solutions would not only enable them to meet the changing needs of the tech-savvy youth. People prefer to interact with restaurant companies that offer online ordering and doorstep delivery because they are accustomed to the ease and security that this model offers. Additionally, having a second source of income for your company can help it survive unpredictable times, as we experienced with the COVID-19 epidemic. No matter what the situation, your restaurant will always be prepared to meet client requests, deal with unforeseen circumstances, and give your personnel a sense of financial security.

The use of an online ordering system positions a restaurant for effectiveness, expansion, and a consistent rise in sales. The majority of individuals spend hours each day online. You’ll not only meet your clients where they are by establishing an online purchasing system together with successful marketing tactics, but you’ll also distinguish yourself as a forward-thinking company. If you’re just getting started with online ordering, enticing people to place orders on your website with discounts is a fantastic place to start.

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