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I will still organize Miss Universe Ghana even without sponsors – Menaye Donkor



ruth quarshie and menaye donkor[/caption]

Ruth Quarship won the 2017 Miss Universe beauty pageant, represented Ghana at the international stage and made it into the top 16 spot, an achievement worthy of celebrating with much of the praise laid before the doorsteps of the Malz Promotion headed by Menaye Donkor.

However, Ruth biggest disappointment so far which she has expressed on several platforms and begged for it not to be repeated in the future is the fact that she didn’t get the much-needed support from Ghanaians when she got to the international stage. She is of the opinion that had she gotten the support in terms of votes, messages on social media etc. she would have gotten further in the international competition and probably bring home the crown.

Menaye Donkor and Ruth Quarshie were held in an interview on 3FM where they touched on few issues regarding the beauty pageant, some which are known already and there has been a public cry for a solution so these ladies can actually fly high the flag of Ghana beyond the fit they normally achieve.

Paramount among them is the lack of support; they shared their views on that with Menaye adding that if only the ministry of tourism can come on board to partner with us, miss universe could do extremely well both nationally, and internationally bearing the name of Ghana. She was quick to point out it is still a baby under her and she is trying to nurture it to attain the needed respect.

She added there are several ways the government can sell Ghana, an example is when Ruth was in the Miss Universe international beauty pageant house, her wardrobe was purely made in Ghana, now, if one of the ladies ask her of what she is wearing and she mentions the brand’s name and add, it is made in Ghana. That is verbal marketing even though we might overlook it, for all you know, the lady might go and look for the brand and then start researching more about Ghana.


Furthermore, both ladies agreed on one thing, that is the Miss Universe Ghana organization under the belt of Menaye Donkor seeks for sponsorship to push the event, all the ladies have to do is prove their outer beauty matches the inner one (Beauty with Brains). Ruth Said at a point of the interview that, when she was leaving for the international stage, everything from her bag to what she would wear were handled for her, all she had to do was just show up at the airport, board the plane, and Menaye would check on her every single morning to find out how she is doing, in all, she is happy with the treatment she had from Malz Promotion and its entire team.

Lack of room and time to prepare Ruth sufficiently for the international stage was among the few things laid down by Menaye that she thinks affected her process, other than that she would have gone even beyond the top 16 spot, hence, they have allocated more time to prepare the next miss universe queen from Ghana for this year to adequately be equipped to represent Ghana on the international stage. ]]>

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