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Will Superman Feature in the New Batman Film?



It’s fair to say that Batman is the most eagerly anticipated comic book movie of recent years. Produced by Matt Reeves and starring ‘world’s most beautiful man’ Robert Pattinson as the titular hero, it has generated huge excitement among fans, especially on the back of its new trailer being released.

Slated to come out in March 2022, the film will bring to the screen an entirely new take on the Batman story – and now there are rumors that Henry Cavill could also be set to appear in a starring role after Superman was spotted on set.
Could this mean that everyone’s favorite superhero will be making a return to the DC universe?

A delay in filming

It’s no secret that the Batman movie is already creating huge excitement among fans of the superhero franchise, nor that they’re going to have to wait a little longer than expected to see the eponymous character in action.

Following delays in filming earlier this year, the movie’s release date has – disappointingly – been pushed back, so that it’s now unlikely to hit our screens before 2022. In some ways, however, this has only upped the ante, with the widely critiqued trailer released in August sending fans into a frenzy.


Showing a dark and dingy new version of Gotham, the movie will be fronted by Robert Pattinson, with expectations running high. Now, the excitement over the eagerly awaited release has been turned up a notch again, after an extra in a Superman outfit was spotted on set.

With shooting for the movie having resumed earlier this month, fans have been keeping an eagle eye on the film’s outdoor scenes, with most of the action sequences being filmed in Liverpool. Not only have these super-fans been watching, but also snapping, and some of them have recently shared their captures on Twitter.

Was Henry Cavill spotted on set?

The photos, which clearly depict a man wearing the iconic Superman outfit, were published on Twitter by @SamMcTweets and showed a group of extras making their way toward a production trailer. While many of these actors appeared to be in fancy dress, rumors abound that this is not merely a coincidental costume choice, but proof that Superman himself will be making an appearance in the movie.
Certainly, this would have a positive impact on the film and its popularity, with Cavill being an established star with a huge fan base to bring to the table. Not only is the actor popular in and of himself, but his character alone would be a significant draw.
Both Batman and Superman are hugely beloved, having inspired all sorts of content even outside of the movie-verse, from books, board games, and merchandise through to themed slots. Indeed, an incredible eight titles can be found simply by searching the database at, a directory site that features free online offerings from across the internet.
But was it Henry Cavill who was spotted wearing the costume? Disappointingly, the answer appears to be ‘no’, with the individual who was snapped seeming to be an unknown actor as opposed to star of The Witcher.

Could Cavill make an appearance in the films?

While the man snapped on set did not appear to be Henry Cavill, this doesn’t negate him making an appearance. The actor who was spied by observers could have been a body double or stand-in, and certainly, the Superman star seems likely to don the costume for future films.


In fact, Cavill is reputed to have signed a contract for three further appearances as the superhero, and there’s nothing to say that one of these might not be beside the brand new Batman. Certainly, his presence would be welcomed by fans of the franchise, who are ever eager to see him make a reappearance on their screens.
Also tellingly, the sighting of a character dressed as Superman does appear to confirm that the character will exist in-universe, and who better to play him than the brilliant actor who’s already done such a sterling job of bringing him to life on the big screen?

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