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Witties Ghana introduces Clinell Universal Wipes and Nanotouch Self-cleaning Surfaces products in Ghana



Witties Ghana, Ghana’s leading sanitation and hygiene company, has introduced two new products, Clinell Universal Wipes and Nanotouch Continuous Self Cleansing Surfaces in Ghana.  The two products, which  are revolutionary in the health and hygiene sector in Ghana were officially launched at a ceremony in Accra

As a hygiene-oriented business, Witties Ghana strives to improve the hygiene conditions in various facilities with its products and services. With the heightened need in keeping good hygiene in recent times,  due to Covid pandemic, the introduction of these two infections control products to the Ghanaian market will help put in place sustainable hygiene measures to ensure health and safety in public places and domestic facilities.


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During the product launch event, Witties Ghana’s Managing Director, Esther Aidoo Dwamena highlighted the unique features and benefits of the Clinell Universal Wipes and Nanotouch self-cleaning surface products.

“Clinell is a great addition to the various wipes on the market because of its contents. It’s a replacement for soap and water and can be used efficiently to clean the surface of germs. The different sizes and types help serve a wide range of industries from home, hospitals to offices.” 

She also encouraged businesses to incorporate these products into their hygiene policies in order to create a safe and infection-free environment.


“Clinell can be one of the measures, organizations or facilities can use to prevent infections and can be part of their hygiene policies” 

Florence Kuukyi, Director of Public Health at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, delivered a keynote address about infection prevention at the ceremony. She praised Witties Ghana in her speech for introducing innovative products into the country to aid in the fight against the global upsurge of infections.

Clinell Universal Wipes

Clinell Universal Wipe is a multi-purpose single-step detergent and disinfectant wipe ideal for use on surfaces and non-invasive medical devices.

It is an infections prevention product with properties of near-neutral PH formulae which ensures exceptional material capacities. It is proven to kill 99.9% of pathogens.


Clinell is UK’s most trusted wipes. It is very mild on surfaces and equipment without fear of damage. With Clinell, you are assured of clean, safe and healthy space.

Nanotouch Self-cleaning Surfaces

Nanotouch continuously self-cleaning surfaces are the innovative, trusted and cost effective way to manage high-tough surfaces in high traffic areas.

Nanotouch turns high traffic touch-points like door handles, elevator buttons, counter etc into clean surface, by constantly killing bacteria, fungi and virus using the latest oxidation process (nanotechnology) rather than the use of Toxins, diluted poisons or heavy metals.This process works with both exterior and interior light source.

With maintenance and great performance, we recommend wiping the surface with a microfiber cloth and water to remove large-scale contaminants.

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