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Women don’t need to depend on men to be successful – Funke Akindele



Well-known Nollywood actress and producer, Funke Akindele, recently spoke out about the importance of women being enterprising and self-reliant.


During an interview with Nigeria’s Arise TV, the renowned filmmaker emphasized that regardless of their circumstances, women should focus on entrepreneurship.


Akindele urged women not to rely on men for success and highlighted the potential for women to achieve financial independence. She questioned the notion that women can’t make money and pointed to successful female entrepreneurs like Folorunsho Alakija as examples.

The actress encouraged women to start something of their own, even if it’s a small business, rather than waiting for a big opportunity.

Drawing from her own experiences, Akindele shared how she used to buy handbags from affordable sources and still felt good while using them. She emphasized the importance of believing in oneself.

Funke further stressed the significance of surrounding oneself with positive influences and avoiding negativity. She advised against consuming content that could drive one crazy and staying away from toxic people, as they can hinder personal growth. 


Funke Akindele’s message to women is to be enterprising, independent, and focused on their goals, while also believing in themselves and surrounding themselves with positivity.

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