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Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021: Gifty Anti, Patricia Obo-Nai, Elsie Kaufmann others honoured



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Helene Wessie-Guinness Ghana MD, Patricia Obo-Nai-Vodafone Ghana CEO, Rosy Fynn-Mastercard Foundation Country Head ,Oheneyere Gifty Anti, Professor Elsie Kaufmann, and More Honoured at the 3rd edition of the Plush Event in Accra

Hosts Nikki Samonas and Jay Kojo Daasebre bowled the audience of the night over with engaging anecdotes and light-hearted stunts, which featured performances from Camidoh and Incredible Zigi

Revered host of The Standpoint – Oheneyere Gifty Anti, quiz mistress for the National Science and Maths Quiz – Professor Elsie Kaufmann, new country manager for the Mastercard Foundation – Rosy Fynn, CEO of Vodafone Ghana – Patricia Obo-nai, Helene Weesie of Guinness Ghana, Adeline Akufo Addo Kufuor and Yvonne Gyefuor were part of the elite roll of outstanding African women who were honoured last Saturday.

It was all bright and flashy amidst a fine blend of sparkling wit, entertaining melodies, and prolific speeches at this year’s Women’s Choice Awards Africa which was held on the 20th of November 2021, at Ghana’s first 5-star hotel – the Labadi Beach Hotel. This event, a gathering of the brightest minds, toughest hands and most active voices on issues concerning female empowerment and gender equality, was under the theme: ‘The progressive portrayal of women – its impact on Organisational and National Development

Geared towards Planet 50-50 by 2030, the Women’s Choice Awards Africa was held to recognise, celebrate and honour the achievements of outstanding women, men, and groups who are contributing to the drive and encouraging the full inclusion of both male and female genders in all spheres of living. This was the third edition of the only awards initiative in Ghana, and Africa, that wholly celebrates achievements from anyone that are inspired by women and the girl-child, and gives females the power to decide.

Women Led Company of the Year Award, In her acceptance speech she encouraged the public to continue supporting women and portray them in a positive way.

Voice of Women Honouree for this year, Oheneyere Gifty Anti, in her acceptance speech, recounted her journey from the media, through academia, to religion and finally, into the traditional circles. In dedicating her award to every woman, she charged the younger generation: …don’t silence your voice. Speak out! Let no man intimidate you. God gave you a voice for a reason. Those of you who are afraid to speak up, let me tell you this – You Are More Than Enough. Speak; for your voice is your power.

Also, the 2021 Shero in Technology Honouree, Rosy Fynn, formerly of Busy Internet; now of the Mastercard Foundation, in showing appreciation to the organisers for the honour, recounted, “I never thought that the tough times and struggles I had during my Computer Science lecturers will crescendo in this way this day. I am grateful for this award…She continued with an encouragement to every woman: “…you are more than enough!”

The night also saw 21 value-driven awardees presented with plaques and citations. Veteran actress, Gloria Safo, picked up the Actress of the Year award which she dedicated to all her fellow nominees; ace broadcaster, Caroline Sampson, took the Media Personality of the Year Award; renowned educationist and First Vice Chairperson of the World Scout Movement, Jemima Nartemle Nartey, was adjudged Superwoman of the Year; while founder and CEO of RedGingerforHair, Christine Kastner, won Woman CEO of the Year.

The green- and gold-colour-themed stylised night was also graced with the presence of veteran actress Akorfa Edjani, Akumaa Mama Zimbi, Rabby Bray, and a bevy of past and present beauty queens.

‘Available’ and ‘Maria’ hitmaker, Camidoh, got every patron at the event on the night tapping feet, nodding heads or giving in to a gracious dance with his silky tunes and magnetic performance. Actress Nikki Samonas and TV/radio host JK Daasebre were a delightful duo as stewards for the night.

Global Ovations, the originators and organizers of this event which had Guinness Ghana as the headliner, pulled this remarkable stride off with additional support from Onga, Sunlight, McBerry Biscuits, Verna, Rwandair, Akwaaba Magic, CeeJay Multimedia, Hansah Production, Prime Shades Ghana and High-End Ghana.

A Complete List of 2021’s WCAA Honourees and Awardees follows.

Honouree List

  1. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Shero in Technology – Rosy Fynn
  2. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Shero in Marketing Africa – Tracy Kyei
  3. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Shero in Cosmetics – Jane Reason Ahadzie
  4. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Shero in Finance – Abena Brigidi
  5. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Ultimate Woman of The Year – Patricia Obo-Nai
  6. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Voice of Women Award – Oheneyere Gifty Anti
  7. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Shero in Media Communication – Stacy Amoateng
  8. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – STEM Personality of the Year – Professor Elsie Effah Kaufman
  9. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Woman of Impact Innovations – Ethel Cofie
  10. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Woman of Impact in Trade – Tucci Goka Ivowi
  11. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Voice of Widows Award – Akumaa Mama Zimbi
  12. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Social Entrepreneur of the Year – Adeline Akufo Addo Kufuor
  13. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Woman of Impact – Girls Empowerment – Dr. Ophelia Akosua Brantuo


  1. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Shero in Environmental Safety and Sanitation – Gloria Opoku Anti
  2. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Philanthropist of the Year – Jane Reason Ahadzie
  3. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Technology Company of the Year – Sambus Geospatial Limited
  4. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – CSR Company of the Year – Vodafone Ghana
  5. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Institutional Finance Personality – Mrs Adokarley Opkoti-Paulo
  6. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Shero – Brand With A Purpose – Yvonne Gyefour
  7. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Woman Led Company- Health – Princess Duncan
  8. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Woman of Change – Habiba Sinare
  9. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Insurance Personality of The Year – Mrs. Nancy Ampah
  10. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Woman Led Company of the Year – Helene Weesie
  11. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Woman Of Impact In Trade- Tucci Goka Ivowi


Voting List

  1. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Superwoman of the Year – Jemima Nartemle Nartey
  2. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Woman CEO of the Year – Christine Kastner
  3. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Corporate Lady of the Year- Patience Oforiwa Mpereh
  4. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Next Rated Woman of the Year- Soraya Mensah
  5. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Her – Abilities Award- Mary Amoah
  6. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Agency for Change Award- Nneka Youth Foundation
  7. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Agent of Change Award- Joshua Nii Dromo
  8. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Volunteer of the Award- Marie Louise Ycossié
  9. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Team of the Award- Pink for Africa
  10. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Media Personality of the Year- Caroline Sampson
  11. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Discovery of the Year- Miriel E. Sweetie Baisie
  12. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Fashion Brand of the Year- Yartel Gh
  13. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Sport Personality of the Year- Gifty Ayew Asare
  14. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Beauty Brand of the Year- Valerie Lawson – Cvl Beauty
  15. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Actress of the Year- Gloria Sarfo
  16. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Catering Services of the Year- Food Bank
  17. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Model of the Year- Gifty Boakye
  18. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Entrepreneur of the Year- Zulaiha Dobia Abdullah
  19. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Humanitarian of the Year- Afi Antonio
  20. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Social Media Influencer of the Year- Portia Wekia
  21. Women’s Choice Awards Africa 2021 – Health Personality of the Year – Dr. Hannah-Lisa Tetteh






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Italian Trade Agency hosts trade delegation for Agrofood and PlastPrintPack West Africa Exhibition




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The Italian Trade Agency (ITA), under the auspices of the Italian Embassy in Ghana hosted a dinner for the visiting Italian trade delegation to the Agrofood and PlastPrintPack West Africa Exhibition in Accra, Ghana on Tuesday, November 30.  (more…)

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SEO promotion of your YouTube channel. How to make it easy?



Headless YouTuber on screen

YouTube SEO promotion is a video optimization process by which you can improve your channel’s ranking in YouTube’s organic search results. SEO for YouTube helps you optimize your video to promote it to the top positions in YouTube search queries.

The better the video and its metadata match the query, the higher it appears in the list of search results. The frequency with which videos are accessed from search results also plays a role.

When creating videos for YouTube, the main condition should be taken into account: videos should be useful and of high quality. If the content of the video does not match the title and topic, it is useless to buy YouTube views. Such a video won’t appear in search results because users won’t like it.

Why you need SEO for YouTube

SEO tools are used to boost rankings on Google search engines, blogs, and social media. The YouTube search engine selects relevant responses based on the same principles.

YouTube’s SEO promotion tools are, of course, different from those used on other resources because video hosting sites don’t have as much text.

Nevertheless, text information on YouTube is still present (in the channel title and titles, video description, tags, subtitles, etc.), which means it is acceptable for SEO optimization. Google, the search engine that owns YouTube, also considers the presence of optimized titles, tags, descriptions and subtitles in videos.

Of course, not all users find YouTube videos through search. Many of them follow links and recommendations from the video hosting site or browse the “Related Videos” section. But SEO optimization isn’t so much about users as it is about search algorithms that can position content favorably in search results for relevant queries.

Ranking factors

The following factors are important to promote videos on YouTube:

  • audience retention. This criterion reflects the percentage of users who have watched the video to the end;
  • views. This is an important criterion for optimizing videos on YouTube because users often sort videos by this parameter. Sometimes views are increased with bots, but that’s a mistake. Retention drops and YouTube does not consider the video useful, which spoils the promotion results;
  • likes and new subscribers. The role of the metric in YouTube promotion is decreasing because it is easy to cheat. Now the system takes into account the likes from users who watched the video to the end and wrote a comment, i.e. really interacted with the content. The same goes for new subscribers: they affect YouTube promotion only when they are really active;
  • shares. They affect promotion only if there is interaction on social networks and sites.


Channel Keywords is a section where you can specify specific words that you want to promote your videos and channel. For example, if your channel is about playing computer games, you can include keywords such as Letsplay and anything related to that.

Use keywords when preparing your channel description text

It’s important to specify your channel’s keywords in the appropriate settings section. This will allow YouTube’s search algorithms to more accurately determine which third-party channels and videos of similar subject matter can be recommended for your content.

How to find out the keywords

To see third-party channel keywords, we need a special tool for YouTube that allows you to see any channel’s keywords for free. It’s called VidIQ.

  • Register an account at

Install the vidIQ browser extension.

  • Go to YouTube and login to the extension. You will notice it, it will be displayed to the right of the video. Once authorized, it will also show stats for each video on the right.
  • After installing this plugin, go to any channel on your topic and see all the keywords used on it.

This will help you find search terms. The tool generates keywords by adding different letters and numbers before and after the search term you specify. Then we collect the relevant (appropriate) phrases and save them in notepad or excel.

Then all you have to do is to write a text with the keywords in it, place the text in the video description, it is also important that these keywords are mentioned in the video.

Promotion on YouTube

Promote your channel and video on various websites, forums and social networks. Let the widest possible audience know about you.

Use the YouTube API to create a YouTube badge and put it on your website. This way you can attract new viewers to your channel.

Allow others to embed your content to help spread your content. Every video has an embed URL. You can use it to put the video on your website. Send links to blog authors who might be interested in your content.

If your videos are about product reviews, include as much additional information as possible. Include model and brand identifiers in the tags.

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Why You Should Hire Dynamic Movers in NYC?



Picture 1 2

Are you planning to pack your belongings and leave? Are you planning to move out of NYC to the next town or even to the next state? Can you do the moving on your own? If you want a time-friendly and convenient solution, you need the help of a moving company to move your things and belongings. If you want your household items and other fragile stuff to remain intact while moving, moving companies like Dynamic Movers NYC will be of great assistance.

Before we get into why you need a moving company, you should also know why people do not consider it.

First, they do not hire a moving company because of the cost. It will take a minimum of 700 dollars before you can avail yourself of the services of a moving company if you are moving to another town. But when you are moving to a place with a longer distance, it will cost thousands. This is a huge disadvantage, but if you have prepared in advance and saved enough money, then this should not be a problem. But if you are on a tight budget, you might consider moving with the help of your loved ones.

Second, you cannot move according to your schedule. Instead, you need to wait for the company’s schedule. For example, you only decided to hire a moving company for the next day. If there are no vacancies or if it is during the peak months, it would be challenging to book one. Unlike when you are moving by yourself, you can choose to do this anytime, at your convenience.

Third, you still need to pack by yourself and make the necessary labels so that the moving company will know which items need handling with extra care. Although they offer “white glove service,” where they will do the packaging and even the labeling for you, it will be an additional cost. If you are working on a frugal budget, you cannot afford to pay for another service, right?

Now, let us get into the details of why you should hire a moving company.

First, it saves you a lot of energy and time. If you are busy with preparations and other necessary transactions, you might need their services. If multitasking is not an option for you now, then you need a moving company. Moving also involves strength, especially when lifting and transporting household items. If you are not up for that, then you should hire a moving company.

Second, if moving is for career purposes, your employer would pay the moving costs for you. You would not spend a penny.

Third, if you want to secure your things because they are expensive or have sentimental value, why is risk in moving them yourself? Hiring a moving company would ensure the safe and secure transport of your possessions. Furthermore, because of insurance, moving companies are liable and accountable for any damages to your possessions.

If you are convinced that you need the services of a moving company, there are things you need to consider when determining what you should look for in a moving company. Companies are not “one-size-fits-all.” Their services and costs differ from one company to another. The company you must choose must have open information that is accessible online. They must have complete details like a contact number, website, FMCSA number, license number, and liability insurance. Without these, it would be hard to trust the company.

Second, they must present insurance options with the right coverage. Third, they must have versatile services that work with your budget and needs. Fourth, they must be able to move things long distances (if you are moving to a faraway place). Some companies have a limited distance to cover.

These things being said, the best option for your moving needs is Dynamic Movers NYC. Look them up and book your move today!

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‘Detty December’ is here again! (more…)

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Whether you’re looking for a way to keep your wig in place or customize your look, headbands for wigs are a must-have accessory. (more…)

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Looking To Start A Side Business? These Are 5 Key Reasons Why It Should Be An Online Business



Small Business

If you’re like most of us, your income isn’t enough to cover your expenses any more. Especially in the current economic climate, it is crucial that we all find means to augment our income. In our part of the world, however, taking a second job is not an option given that most of our jobs aren’t structured in a way that allows us to squeeze in enough time to take on another, assuming you can find another. These odds leave us with one primary way of creating another line of income: entrepreneurship.

Most people only consider traditional brick-and-mortar businesses when they decide to launch a side business. However, with the proliferation of internet-enabled devices and the internet now being ubiquitous, starting an online business has never been more feasible.

In this piece, we will analyze the key advantages an online business offers over a traditional brick and mortar business to emphasize the tremendous benefits. In a subsequent article, I’ll delve into key tips and tactics to help you start your online business. So keep an eye on for that. Now let’s get down to business.


Starting an online business is worthwhile due to its many benefits. Here are a few examples:

  1. The start-up costs are lower.

Before starting, the majority of conventional brick-and-mortar businesses demand sizable initial financial commitments. You would need to take into account merchandise, employee salaries, rent and lease payments, annoying charges from district and municipal authorities, taxes etc.

The majority of these costs can be easily avoided by starting online. In many cases, with a good plan and the right networks, you can start with very little and still manage to build a successful business.

  1. Greater potential for growth

Due to their physical presence, brick-and-mortar businesses are constrained in a number of ways. This implies that the speed and size of their growth can be influenced by physical factors such as time and location.

For instance, having a store in a desirable area like Makola or East Legon means paying high rent, but even this does not ensure that there will be sufficient sales on a regular basis. There is also the fact that you are restricted by your working hours. All these factors put a cap on the growth of a physical business.

Online enterprises, on the other hand, are unaffected by any of these restrictions. When you manage an online business, you transcend locations, boundaries, and time. With more individuals having access to the internet and becoming accustomed to purchasing online, your potential market is constantly growing.

  1. Not limited by time

As we previously mentioned, online businesses are not constrained by the passage of time like brick-and-mortar enterprises are. Even during lockdowns or other disturbances, they can remain open all day, every day of the week.

Once you establish an online presence for your business, clients may place orders and finish transactions whenever they want. This enables your business to produce income without requiring a lot of day-to-day participation.

You will have to put in a lot of time and effort during the early phases of your business. However, with time, you will develop a workable strategy that enables you to effectively increase your ecommerce activities while learning to delegate. In the end, it’s liberating, as you’ll have control over your schedule.

  1. Work from any location

You will undoubtedly be confined to a specific area if you operate a brick and mortar firm.

You can choose the location from where your staff work if you manage an online business. They have the option of working from a home office, a co-working facility, or any other location, depending on the type of business you’re into. Additionally, there is space for mobile work. Simply find an affordable employee monitoring program to keep tabs on your team’s actions.

  1. You have control.

For most brick-and-mortar businesses, the control and management of your staff are dependent on your being physically present. This is especially important in our part of the world, where many employees can be negligent and sometimes even dishonest in carrying out their tasks. For the most part, employees may behave very differently depending on the presence or absence of the business owner.

With online businesses, however, because the majority of the business activities are carried out online, the business owner can easily monitor the activities of staff without being physically present. Most online businesses also have built-in audit systems that are easily accessible to the business owner and cannot be easily altered by employees who wish to engage in fraudulent activities.


I hope you found the information above helpful. If you’re on the verge of starting a side business, critically consider the above advantages. Crucially, remember that lots of businesses that we once thought could only be done physically have been successfully converted to online businesses. So think long and hard and be creative. Above all, keep learning. Look out for my follow-up article .

To your success!

By Aboagye T. Mintah

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