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World Cup 2022: Samuel Eto’o spotted attacking ‘cameraman’ outside Qatar stadium



A shocking video has surfaced online capturing Samuel Eto’o attacking an unknown man outside the stadium after Brazil’s World Cup clash against South Korea. Eto’o is understood to have been part of thousands of fans who gathered at Stadium 974 to watch the round of 16 clash on Monday night, December 5.

However, the Barcelona legend appeared to have lost his cool shortly after the match, with a now-viral video doing the rounds on social media showing him kneeing a cameraman in the car park.

The former striker was at first all smiles as he posed for photos with waiting fans as he made his way out of the stadium. But things quickly disintegrated when a cameraman approached him to his right.

In the video, the two can be seen exchanging words before Eto’o decides to confront the man. It remains unclear what was said to Eto’o to anger him, with the Cameroonian football administrator reacting furiously before he began to push the cameraman.


With the situation seemingly getting out of hand, several onlookers stepped in to try and quell the disruption, only for Eto’o to chase down the man before he was eventually held back as he continued with the confrontation. Despite at least four men appearing to hold Eto’o back, the former footballer managed to break out and went on to knee the man in the face dropping him to the ground.

See video below

 SOURCE: Sports Brief

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