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It’s a wrap! Up-close with GH Hottie for September, Regina Kokui Axolu



Regina Kokui Axolu, GH Hottie for SeptembeBefore we crown the ‘GH Hottie of Year’ meet the final winner in our monthly series, Regina Kokui Axolu, GH Hottie for September. Regina is 24-year-old level 400 student of Ghana Technology University College, reading information technology. She’s from a family of six and hails from Keta in the Volta region. She grew up in Tesano, Accra. “September is when I get to resume school after a long vacation. During the long vacation, I was attached to a company in line with my course of study. However, I learned so many things, which are connected. I get to practice what I learnt which makes me happier,” says the hottie for September. On why she entered the contest, Regina revealed, “GH Hottie contest creates opportunities; it opens doors to modeling, acting, performing and much more. Winning GH Hottie for the month of September has made me felt excited, unique which is in relation to lifestyle. And this is part of term ambition.” Regina Kokui Axolu, GH Hottie for Septembe Body stats Height = 5.8ft Weight=60kg Waist=26 Hips=35 Bust=32 My life ambition My short term ambition in life is to be a network engineer, as I am trying to achieve this, another ambition is with lifestyle and lastly, my long term ambition is to be an entrepreneur to promote African culture through any medium.Regina Kokui Axolu, GH Hottie for Septembe What makes me sexy Sexy varies in every context, however, it depends on many things. My definition of sexy is having a good attitude, being smart and having a sleek physical appearance. My physical appearance and attitude makes me sexy. How I stay sexy Exercising Eating well Having enough rest Having a free state of mind Be kind or nice to people Relationship status Single What I find sexy in a potential partner Self-confidence, maturity and great sense of humor are what I would want my partner to possess. I find these attributes attractive.Regina Kokui Axolu, GH Hottie for Septembe A day in my life I usually wake up at 5:30am and start my everyday routine. I observe my morning devotion, brush my teeth, do my house chores, take a shower and take my breakfast After, I prepare my notes, do a revision for the day, then I get to school. Sometimes, I hang out with my colleagues for a while. I also check into my social networking platforms (WhatsApp, Instagram) and spend some time on the Internet and by 10: 00pm, I go to sleep. My workout plan My training regimen is exercising, taking a long walk. My diet plan I don’t actually have a special diet to fit and sexy. The funniest comment about my body An unknown man once met me at the lorry station and said “You look as slim as a Barbie” If I could have plastic surgery … I love myself. I see myself as the best creation of God and I wouldn’t want to have a surgery even if it comes with a reward. My biggest asset Life is my biggest asset as a person. With life,You have everything you can dream/achieve.   My quick make-up tips

  1. Great makeup usually starts with a clean and fresh skin. So start by washing and moisturizing your face.
  2. Know your skin type, whether you have an oily/dry/sensitive skin. Why, because, there’re different ingredients in every makeup which may not be for your skin.
iii. Know your skin tone. Once you know the tone of your skin, buying makeup will not be an issue or challenge. Also, buy foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone, because, it will enhance your features and give you a full coverage.
  1. Pick the right eyeshades. The eye makeup shows half of the look of our face. So when choosing eyeshades, always choose a colour that will compliment your skin tone and enhance the colour of your eye.
  2. Pick the right lip colour. Lipsticks normally make a bold statement on our face. They however, determine your mood, so always choose the right lip colour.
My fashion sense I love looking smart but casual. However, I wear a bit of makeup most days, which takes about 2 minutes. Trendiest fashion accessories Clothing, shoes and bags. My must-have fashion items Clothing, shoes, bags, perfumes and jewelries.Regina Kokui Axolu, GH Hottie for Septembe High heels or low platforms? Both Real hair or hair extensions? Both African clothing or Western clothing? Both Favourite colour of clothing Purple with red. Favourite fragrance/perfume Far away perfume. Favorite food Banku with okro stew/ banku with pepper and fish. Roll-on deodorant or spray? Roll-on deodorant. Cocoa butter or Vaseline? Vaseline. Beads or chains? Chains. Photocredit for Ameyaw Debrah Media Creative Director : @iamasephua Photography @vineimagery]]>


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Types roofing to consider for your home



One would wonder what the essence of a building without a roof is. Sleeping in a building without a roof is no different from being in the open space, exposed to anything dangerous. It is very easy for one to sway into the assumption that early humans slept out in the open. However, findings from archaeologists provide evidence to the fact that early humans made roofs out of many substances. House roofing has evolved over centuries in response to periodic demands especially caused by weather conditions. In effect it is very common to move within a particular town and see buildings with various types of roofs. Also, given the periodic changes in roofing types, there is the opportunity in this present century for building and construction workers to have wide variety from which they select their roofs.

People during ancient times relied solely on any natural means from which they could have afforded roofing. Click here to find examples of how nature existed with humanity and basic needs such as nutrition and shelter.

That is to mention that roofing materials during primitive stages of civilization were made from palm fronds, skins of some animals, mud and straws, wood mixed with mud or woven fibers and many others. Factors such as lightweight, durability and decorations have catalyzed the evolution of new types of house roofing materials. This article focuses on the types of roofs that have stood the test of time as well as house roofing in the modern era.

                          TILED AND THATCHED ROOFS

Anytime tiled roofing is mentioned, China is spoken of since it had been the major type of roof patronized by the Chinese as far back as 3,000 BC. Indeed, they have a long history of advanced architectural techniques and until the Ancient Greeks and Roman civilizations, tiles were never common in Europe.

Thatch gained popularity in Britain by 735 AD whereas it was used in several equatorial countries such as; Bali, Hawaii and Fiji. The composition of Thatch may differ according to geographical locations in that a particular location may have materials that another location may not have. For instance, in Kenya, Thatch is made from sugarcane leaf. Compared to tiles, thatch is cheaper, not only that but much more resistant to fire. It remained popular and the most sought-after roofing type in the 18th and 19th centuries among the American pioneers since the materials were easily found. However, towards the end of the 19th century, thatched roofs had become rare because of the rapid development of places of green environment into urban areas and consequently, availability of the materials for making thatched roofs had dwindled, although it could be argued also that people turned to lose interest because some thatched roofs risked frequent leaking and collapse during heavy rain.

By the early 1900s, concrete tiles which normally were painted red and were less expensive had become common. Over a long period of time, tiles have spread over countries given that the number of styles and colors evolved and many house owners had learnt of its weather resistant characteristics and durability. In Ghana, Thatched roofs are ideal for buildings because of the country’s hot climate and for the fact that Thatched roofs are high heat resistant. One could be disadvantaged by using a thatched roof if it is not well laid and as a result birds could stripe them. When well laid, thatched roofs are maintenance free.

Asphalt shingles surfaced in the 1920s in America. Their qualities such as; heat and cold resistance, waterproofing, durability as well as their inexpensiveness in their manufacturing and installation made them quickly the most demanded for house roofing in America. In spite of these qualities, asphalt shingles can be damaged by strong winds, they are not the most durable roofing types and they are not the most-energy efficient alternative.


Metal roofing also has been in use throughout history mainly since it is highly durable. Until recent times, metal roofing had been very expensive and as result they were the types that we reserved for the wealthy class because more often only such class of citizens could afford them.  The best heat wire for roof may be in the form of Zinc, Aluminum or Copper. These elements can be bent to fit into any shape needed. In effect, usually, metal roofs were used for temples and museums or generally dome shaped buildings. In Ghana, metal roofs, especially, Aluminum has become the very common house roofing method because it is easily accessible and a little less expensive. The frequency of the use of it is retarding because of the discovery of many other modern and decorative ways of roofing. Also in Ancient Egypt, aluminum and alum were a means of strengthening their roofing. Elsewhere in America and Europe, Copper had been the predominant choice for metal roofing most especially in roofing castle buildings. Metal roofs are the best option for house roofing in areas with high winds and they last between 15 to 30 years.


Though ancient ways of roofing may have faded, nevertheless house roofing today see the incorporation of materials that stood the test of time in the past. These materials are combined with technologies of today to provide the best quality while considering factors such as local climate, availability of materials and cultural preferences. In effect buyers or homeowners have a wide range of varieties from which they can choose, ranging from shades and styles of ceramic or concrete tiles. Also, buyers can select stately slate roofing, choose a less expensive and quick asphalt roofing solution. As a result of today’s green building trend, metal roofing such as zinc and copper which are versatile, much durable and decorative, energy efficient and recyclable make a great choice. There are also fewer worries for any moving company when it comes to moving into a home with such modern roofing.

In the wake of adverse weather conditions and the quest to be energy efficient in present days, building and construction experts are seeking to provide much more innovative ways of roofing. It is becoming more frequent to see flat roofing methods for building and the use of solar panels on top of roofs. Flat roof, apart from it providing shelter and serving as a small field for planting, also serves as recreational areas in homes and subsequently, homeowners may want to hold short events on them. One might be wondering if it is possible that soon many buildings could be roofed fully with solar panels without prior roofing beneath. It may become even more necessary to use solar roofs to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels. The prices for solar roofs have almost halved since 2014, a situation auguring well as far as prospect of depending on renewable sources of energy is concerned in that a lot of people turn to find it affordable. Well, the future provides more opportunities, and we might just be seeing the beginning of a dawn of great modern house roofing.



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Is your trash trashing Kaneshie and making it flood? It probably is!



The devastating effect of the trash phenomenon in Ghana is a great concern for many people. We have witnessed the dramatic effect of the Kaneshie floods which was as a result of plastic waste chocking majority of the channels making it impossible for the free passage of water.

On October 2, major flooding occurred in one of the hottest parts of Accra, Kaneshie, leading to the destruction of a lot of property, loss of lives and displacement of people from their homes.

Anda key contributor to the floods in Accra, especially in Kaneshie, is trash that blocks the drainage system available in our great city. Improper disposal of trash has therefore become one of the main concerns of flooding because many of us have turned our drainages into dumping sites or grounds.

Why is the issue of poor sanitation still prevalent and is still one of the pending issues to be resolved in Ghana? What aren’t we doing right? Better still, where does your trash go?

A story published by a local journalist recounts the devastating effect of the flood which occurred on October 2 in Kaneshie, of which he brings to attention the main underlining problem of flooding which is simply the trash we do.

One of the victims of the Kaneshie flood, Madam Theresa Buston and her family had to struggle all night to save their belongings to no avail. From mattresses, clothing, electrical and electronic equipment, her family had to keep wake and watch flood waters rise over a meter in their home.

“The flood waters were up to my breast line. We stood in the waters all night because there was nowhere else to go. Seeing all my things get destroyed broke my heart. It took the grace of God that the kids were not swept away by the flood waters. We were swimming with the ‘borla’. Because people throw rubbish into gutters and it chokes them. Why are we doing this to ourselves?” she said.

Not only, do we have Theresa to recount her painful experience with floods but however, among the victim is also Abubakari.

Another resident, Muntari Abubakari, said, “Water entered my shop when I came to work. This is not the first time this is happening. But it was worst this time. Look at the waste we are cleaning from here. If we don’t manage the waste well, why won’t floods kill us?”

These are just but a few of the victims. Many out there continue to suffer in silence every time floods affect their lives negatively. We all need, as a people, as law abiding Ghanaians to seek freedom from floods by adopting and maintaining decent and a proper way of putting trash away. #STOPTHETRASH.

All things being equal, we can attribute the underlying issue of the Kaneshie flooding to the trash we make. And is that something we want our next generations to inherit?

Let’s rise up and # STOPTHETRASH.


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This Week on #TwitterGhana: NSMQ finale promises to thrill as Ketasco makes history and many more



Get the latest news in music, movies, sports, entertainment and more on Twitter. Here is a recap of trending stories from the past week on #TwitterGhana


Keta SHS becomes first Volta Region School to Qualify for the NSMQ Finals


The National Science and Maths Quiz (NMSQ) finals have rolled around yet again, and history was made as Keta Senior High School beat Wesley Girls High School and Tamale Senior High School to qualify for the finals. This makes Keta SHS the first ever school from the Volta Region to reach the finals! They’re certainly getting tons of love as seen in this Tweet, as well as the Replies and Quote Tweets.


Who will win this year’s NSMQ2021 Finale? Will Presec make it Seven?


Prempeh College and Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School (PRESEC) join Keta Senior High School in what promises to be an exhilarating grand finale of the NSMQ 2021. With #NMSQfinals trending, there’s a lot of speculation on the Timeline around who will take the ultimate prize, as seen in this Tweet. Influencers like Journalist Nana Aba Anamoah joined in the conversation, being particularly vocal about her support for PRESEC and hyping them in a series of Tweets. Anticipation is high, with the NSMQ official page Tweeting that this is the finale we have been waiting for!


3 Albums Featuring Stonebwoy gets Grammy Nominations.


Three albums with features from Ghanaian Artiste Stonebwoy have been nominated in the Best Reggae Album category at iconic awards show, The GRAMMYs. The Artist Tweeted the exciting news and thanked his fans for their constant support. Loads of congratulatory messages have come through for the Dancehall and Reggae Artist, including this Tweet from Silverbird Cinemas.


Rocky Dawuni, grabs second Grammy nomination


Ghanaian Reggae superstar, Rocky Dawuni has made the country proud once again with a nomination in the Best Global Albums category at the 64th GRAMMY Awards, with his 2020 EP, The Voice of BunBon, Volume 1. Several news outlets, including Pulse Ghana, Tweeted about the nomination. Ghanaians also took to Twitter to send congratulatory messages to the Reggae icon. Find the reactions here 


The President promises Accra Hearts of Oak a GH¢1 Million boost


A delegation from Accra Hearts of Oak paid a courtesy call to the President, His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo at the Jubilee House. The courtesy call was part of activities marking their 110th Anniversary as a football club. The President pledged GH¢1million support to the team ahead of their confederations cup. Citi Sports shared the story in a Tweet



@Twitter remains your official source for what’s happening!




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What Are the Most Popular Investments Right Now?



Investing in some of the hottest commodities on the market is a great way to underpin a growing volume of wealth that will follow you throughout your life. For many, investments made in savings accounts or in the stock market aren’t enough to translate into the expanded buying power that will build generational growth. Instead, investors are turning to new and exciting investment assets in order to boost their earnings potential and future financial wellness.


Within this guide, you will learn about how investors are leveraging cryptocurrency and real estate holdings in order to provide a growing financial power that will create lasting wealth for the long term. Read on to discover how you can copy this blueprint and get to the heart of earning dividends on your investments in style.

Cryptocurrency: The digital financial asset of the future is broader than you imagined.



Cryptocurrency is a digital currency asset that has a forever-expanding footprint in the modern world. Willed into being just over a decade ago, the cryptocurrency market has revolutionized the way investors think about wealth, dividends, purchasing, and the process of investing itself. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency option that isn’t linked to a government, bank, or physical geography. As a result, investors and owners are able to spend and use their holdings in whatever ways they see fit without restrictions of any sort.


For many, the best way to utilize crypto holdings is through the investment opportunities granted as a result of this decentralization. Because the currency isn’t pegged in any way and isn’t traded in high volumes through retail transactions, the price modeling of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and thousands of other cryptocurrency assets are fluid and in consistent flux.


The best Bitcoin exchange Canada, the United States, or beyond is one that allows for easy access to the marketplace and a steady stream of technical indicators, data analysis, and research products. Many investors rely on the native plugins that are standard within the cryptocurrency exchange in order to make many of the decisions surrounding their holdings and asset distribution. Just like any other asset class, crypto requires a steady hand, a trained eye, and the ability to rebalance and diversify with efficiency. The market is always open, and this provides expanded opportunities for both profit and loss, depending on your ability to parse the effects of complex relationships in the real world.

Real estate provides the ultimate dual-threat asset class.



For many investors, real estate provides the blueprint for constantly expanding success in the financial markets. Whether you’re looking for Cabo San Lucas properties with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, accommodation that includes a detached villa and pool, or other amenities for your investment funds, the real estate market can provide a significant return in the form of monthly dividends through rental income or lump sum payouts after the sale of a property that you’ve bought in order to flip the home.


Flippers make a killing in the market after spending the sweat equity required to understand the margins and the market. Home renovation is central within this approach, and indeed, many successful flippers are handy within the home and can direct much of the work themselves.


Real estate offers exceptional profit margins, and with the ability to either borrow in order to leverage your available capital for expanded buying opportunities or borrow against your ownership stake in a property later, real estate offers a tangible asset that’s more than meets the eye.


With these two commodities in your portfolio, the sky’s the limit for how much you can earn and grow as an investor.

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A year on, the HUAWEI Y9a still remains a beautiful yet powerful handset with great battery performance



As smartphones are constantly evolving, consumers are taking more factors into consideration when choosing a smartphone. In addition to powerful performance and a captivating design, consumers are also looking for a great camera to capture memories in high clarity. Among a wide variety of products, smartphones offer more comprehensive functions, which are naturally more attractive to consumers, and the HUAWEI Y9a certainly offers consumers a wide range of functions. Let’s find out how it works one year after.


Powerful camera for everyday use

The quad camera on HUAWEI Y9a includes a 64 MP main camera (f/1.8 aperture), an 8 MP 120° Ultra-Wide Angle Lens (f/2.4 aperture), a 2 MP Depth Lens (f/2.4 aperture) and a 2 MP Macro Lens (f/2.4 aperture). This combination meets consumers’ needs for shooting in various scenarios. After taking a few photos and videos over these couple of months, we found out the image quality is still excellent.

Its front camera only pops up when you need it, and is designed to be very fast and flexible. The front camera is a 16MP lens fitted with an f/2.2 aperture, great for capturing selfies in everyday life.


4200mAh battery and 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge

The HUAWEI Y9a is packed with a 4200 mAh battery and supports 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge. The smartphone charges to 65% in 30 minutes and to 100% battery – 4300mAh in an hour, which is awesome!

Powerful processor for a smooth gaming experience

The HUAWEI Y9a is equipped with a bunch of hardware tailored for powerful gaming performance. During an hour of continuous gameplay, there is no noticeable framerate loss and the game runs smoothly with no lags or latency, even when we switched between different scenes. The phone doesn’t heat up much either, which shows that it has pretty good cooling performance. After playing for an hour, the phone still felt cool and it only used 9% of battery, reaching a good balance between power consumption and performance.


Efficient and hassle-free multitasking


Generally, the most annoying thing about using a smartphone is that some apps may be “killed” in the background when the user has to leave the task on hand to answer a call or reply a message. The game or video they were just playing might be forced to shut down and need re-loading the next time you want to play. But we were really impressed by HUAWEI Y9a.


The EMUI 10.1 improves gameplay experience for users as well. Thanks to the Game Assistant, users can open WeChat or other apps in the middle of the game to reply messages without quitting. It also includes anti-mistouching and do not disturb features which ensure an uninterrupted experience, ideal for mobile game lovers.


Flagship-inspired design for a distinct look

It has a 6.63-inch TFT LCD (IPS) display with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 (FHD+). Using a pop-up camera design, the screen panel remains complete with no notches or holes to be seen, and ensured a impressively high screen-to-body ratio of 92%. The back panel is made of 3D curved glass with an iconic Halo ring designed into it, which was used on the HUAWEI Mate 30 Series. It is also inspired by the concept of stage lighting – when you hold it in different lights, you’ll see three beams of light reflected from the bottom.


On the side of the HUAWEI Y9a is the volume and power button which is integrated with fingerprint sensing. Both the actual sensing speed and accuracy is very high. On the top of the phone is a 3.5mm headphone jack.


Download various apps through AppGallery and Petal Search

Besides for hardware configuration, consumers might be concerned about software accessibility on Huawei smartphones. This is not a worry; with AppGallery, users can download popular apps including Lazada, PUBG Mobile and other popular mobile games.

You can also use Petal Search, which is listed on AppGallery and can be added to the homescreen as a widget, to quickly search and download the apps you want, easy and straightforward.



After using the HUAWEI Y9a for a year, we would love to recommend it to you as a smartphone that really stands out in terms of design, gaming performance, photography, battery life and more. What’s more, it is pleasing to the eye and comfortable to hold.



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Facebook Launches Boost with Facebook Programme to help SMBs Unlock Digital Growth Opportunities in Ghana



Meta has announced the launch of Boost with Facebook, a program aimed at training and equipping small and medium-sized businesses in Ghana with digital tools and technologies to help them grow. In partnership with Wineloya, a local Ghanaian Digital and Advertising agency, Meta aims to train over 5,000 micro, small and medium-sized businesses on how they can raise awareness for their businesses while also making meaningful connections with new consumers.


The program is run through a series of modules that are delivered by Certified trainers through live webinar sessions. Each module lasts around 90 minutes and is free for small and medium-sized enterprises who enrol.


“We’re excited to support economic recovery in Ghana through the launch of the Boost with Facebook program, as entrepreneurship provides  economic opportunities for Ghanaians and plays an integral role in driving Ghana’s economy.” Adaora Ikenze, Head of Public Policy, Anglophone West Africa said while commenting about the launch. At Meta, we know that small and medium businesses in Ghana may be experiencing unexpected challenges during the outbreak of COVID-19 and we’re committed to providing as much support as possible. Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and pillars of their local communities so this programme is designed to help them strengthen their businesses during these challenging times.”


Meta’s free workshops have helped hundreds of businesses build their social media skills and reach new audiences with lessons such as setting up a digital presence, discovering their audience online, or developing engaging content. Since its launch in Africa in 2017, the Boost with Facebook program has trained over 200,000 small businesses across the continent.


Meta is committed to helping businesses grow locally and worldwide, as well as driving economic impact across Africa. The launch of Boost with Facebook in Ghana comes after similar programs in Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Kenya, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, DRC, Guinea and Niger, Mali were launched.

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