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What things you can learn if you write custom essays



Custom essay writing services are the norm nowadays. Many online sites such as are becoming increasingly common. Writers working at these companies are the ones left with a little choice. When I began my writing job, I had just cleared my undergraduate degree. I had no certificate then because I had not graduated. To earn a few dollars, I resorted to writing. After all, that is how I could use my skills. During this uncertain journey, there are key things I learned. Custom writing is no easy job When writing custom essays, you do different assignments. All these come with different rules. Each of your client states out clearly (and sometimes not so clearly) what they expect from you. You are supposed to follow clear formatting and writing procedures failure to which you will have to redo the work. These assignments come with strict deadlines. You are supposed to submit the work before those deadlines. Hence this has taught me to plan myself and avoid postponing any work. The pay is not really much When you have no job you really have no much choice to make – whatever amount you are offered you accept. This occurred many times when I was writing. Sometimes you are assigned some work which is tedious and deserves a better pay. But because you are interested in doing a good job for the client, you never really ask much. I did enjoy the writing though and because it made me happy then, I was good. Wide range of clients Many people make the assumption that college students are the only ones who give out their assignments to be done. They believe that these students find assignments boring and would rather have something fun to do. On the contrary, there is a wide range of clients. We have college students, those overwhelmed by family responsibilities and those overwhelmed by other roles. To these group of people, you are heaven sent. They are under extreme pressure from deadlines. You polish your soft skills Many times we think we are doing the clients work and apart from the cash, we don’t gain a thing. This is very wrong. In fact, we polish some of our soft skills which are useful later in life. Writing and editing skills become sharpened. We learn to express ourselves well. We also get a good grasp of our grammar. You also learn a lot of patience especially when you deal with difficult clients.  You learn how to express yourself better. At the end of this experience, you emerge a better person, with skills to tackle life challenges bravely. You gain a lot of knowledge Since you do a wide range of assignments, you are exposed to a wide field. Through extensive research, you broaden your general knowledge about almost everything. Remember that knowledge is the power! You learn about different cultures and get to appreciate the diversity. In some types of essays, such as travel essays, you have to travel a lot. You learn a lot of historic features around the world. It is not a fair deal When you give out your assignment, you are really lying to yourself. Let’s face it. You barely know a thing about the work. That is the reason you are giving it out. You may even find the subject boring and because assignments are compulsory, you find a way to do it. This way the marks will not gauge your abilities. You will have good grades but barely anything to show off. This is also a disadvantage to the few hardworking students who do their own work. This trend is transitioned to the real world. You will find such kind also finding other people to do work for them. However, in order to groom a generation of integrity and hard work, then we must eliminate such. The problem is the system Many students find themselves in college. They may be stuck in courses which they have little to zero passion in. Their parents have this belief that you have to go to college to get ‘this paper’ which will guarantee you any job. The system does not give students much of a choice of what they really love. When you are stuck in a class you don’t love, you pay out people to do your assignments. To really eliminate this problem, students’ choices should be increased and they should be made to feel like they are in control of their future ensuring that a student is enrolled in a major they love. This way they will not find any problem completing their assignments. It will also lead to better and skilled professionals who are well equipped for their jobs. Wrap-up From the above reasons, we have seen the things we have learned from writing custom essays. There are both positive and negative lessons.  These have different effects on each person, that is, from the client to the professor, the writer, and the entire society. We are left with the question, is custom writing good or bad? Everyone will have their own reasons.]]>