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Wutah Kobby says Ghanaian artistes are not popular abroad as their songs



Wutah Kobby, of the now defunct music group,Wutah, has said that Ghanaian artistes are not as popular as their songs outside the country.

The Highlife singer in an interview with Sammy Flex on the Real Talk Show, stated that based on his personal experience, Ghanaian songs are more popular abroad than the artist themselves.

“Ghanaian artist aren’t popular abroad. Their songs are rather popular than the artists themselves. Most of the artists are comfortable here than when they go abroad.

The way everyone recognizes you in Ghana is not the same abroad. For instance if you get to Ghana airport you are recognized very well but when you go outside nobody knows you as compared to Ghana.

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You are only recognized when you have a number one hit song, when it fades you are forgotten,” he said.

Earlier this year, Wutah Kobby accused his former group member Afriyie of Greed. he revealed the group has not been effective after their hit song ‘Bronya’ because Afriyie,  has been uncooperative.