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XLNC lashes fake pastors in new song, ‘Anti-Christ’



This is real music for the people in these times of panic and confusion. It’s an ancestral call to awaken sons and daughters of this earth to see the realities of this world where ever you may be.

There comes a time where religion , creed , culture or tradition don’t matter but the truth alone becomes paramount to rebuild the very fabric that recreates man and woman kind on earth to attain a higher self .

XLNC ,an award winning Musician/ Radio personality in collaboration with Mikal Asher the Original Binghi from Jamaicas Morgan family presents the Official Video of “ANTI – CHRIST” on youtube which premiered on the 1st of April 2020.

The song is strictly for entertainment and enlightening purposes as they throw light on the great deception in the world about the image of a false savior called Jesus the Christ perpetrated by some pastors who take advantage of the vulnerable.


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