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You Can’t Be My Friend If You Can’t Keep Secrets – Stacy Amoateng 



Renowned Ghanaian Media personality, Stacy Amoateng, has asserted that she does not befriend gossipers, emphasizing that she has no business making people who cannot keep secrets friends.


Stacy, who is well known for her contributions to the entertainment industry, during an interview with Graphic Showbiz detailed the significance of selectivity in her choice of friends, drawing parallels to romantic relationships where red flags should not be ignored.


According to the ‘Restoration’ host, evaluating a person’s character and their ability to maintain confidentiality when forming close bonds were key considerations for her because, in true friendship, red flags should be managed and worked through to preserve trust and respect.

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”You can tell the person’s character by the way they behave around you. You can tell if the person has a loose tongue or not. You see, the beauty of friendship is no matter the red flags, you should be able to manage and work around it. So if you realise this friend is unable to keep secrets, you do not share secrets with them,” she said.

When asked if she had friends in the Ghanaian entertainment industry, the wife of Okyeame Quophic, stated that she would “rather have sisters and not friends” because of the deep connections she had formed with individuals who have supported her through her most challenging times and have safeguarded their shared secrets.


“Some people have been there for me through the toughest time of my life and have kept certain things we shared to themselves. They have shown me love beyond my imagination,” she said. 

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