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You signed me for hype- Feli Nuna responds to Fuse ODG’s claims that she was impatient



Ghanaian singer, Feli Nuna has responded to her former boss, Fuse ODG’s claims that she was impatient while signed unto his label.

Fuse ODG had in an interview with 3FM stated that Feli Nuna whom he signed to his Off Da Ground Records” was not patient, hence the reason her contract was cut short.

“I did not stop working with Feli. I felt she could be more patient. She just wanted to see quicker results, and we had just been working for a year,” Fuse ODG revealed.


However, in response to her former boss’s claims, Feli Nuna shared that  she “chose ODG because of my friendship with Fuse, his achievements as an artist. More over I was convinced by the songs we had started recording since 2019. I believed that with hard work and dedication we were going to make way more than what was offered me in the US deal.”

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Feli Nuna also adds that she believes he only signed her for hype.

“At this point I believe Fuse ODG signed me to his label for hype. Just for show. He wasn’t ready to do the work. I really had high hopes. Fuse disappointed me tbh,” she shared on Twitter.



Feli Nuna had earlier on in an exclusive interview with Ameyaw TV, revealed that she was no longer with Fuse’s label.


“So currently I’m no longer with Off Da Ground. The contract lapsed and I didn’t want to renew. It was a Two-year-contract and I did my time” she revealed.

She continued: “They made an offer to renew and I didn’t like the offer and they didn’t want to badge so I decided to do what I’m doing on my own and I think I’m even seeing better results” She told Ameyaw TV Host, VJ Scaro.

Feli Nuna joined Fuse ODG’s ‘Off Da Ground’ record label in July 2021 where she released 3 songs, Wanted, Towel and Bum Bum.

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