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You wouldn’t believe what this young man on National Service did with his first pay!



A national service person at National Petroleum Authority and a former Casford SRC REP ONE 2021/2022 Obed Oduro Sarpong expressed his profound gratitude to Dr. Mustapha Abdul-Hamid and his team NPA for the support and love shown.

In spite of that, this young and highly motivated gentleman donates/ is donating his first paycheck as kind gesture and a way of motivation to the workers at the cleaners unit (under glow) of the National Petroleum Authority.
Ayawaso West Municipal.

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This kind gesture follows after a careful stay and monitory with these workers and how best they are dedicated and good at what they do.

Ensuring the best of serene and sanity in such a working environment, fuels the reason for the motivation to intrinsically support and appreciate their efforts.

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