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Your Guide to Doha Festival City’s Signature Services



Doha Festival City

Doha Festival City is a 574,000-square-meter development that’s home to more than 400 local and international brands, 8,000 parking bays, and a 3-kilometer Outdoor Leisure Trail for running, cycling, and mountain biking. It is the largest destination for entertainment, dining, and shopping in Qatar.

It is so big you’ll not be exaggerating if you say it has everything you need. However, the sheer size of the place and the considerable number of shops, restaurants, and services it offers can also be overwhelming.

To help out mall-goers, Doha Festival City provides a range of signature services to make shopping easy and convenient for its customers. This guide provides an overview of the signature services available at Qatar’s largest mall.

1.   Babysitting and Hamaly Services

It is expensive to hire household help and, if you can do everything yourself, you shouldn’t need to hire one. However, there are moments when an extra pair of helping hands can be invaluable, such as when you are out in the mall — energetic kids in tow — to run some errands or do some shopping.

Imagine how difficult it can be to fit an abaya or a pair of shoes while your toddler bawls. How about shopping for groceries while your child screams in boredom and insists on going somewhere else? On the one hand, you must complete your to-do list. On the other hand, you cannot neglect your children.

This is where the Doha Festival City in-mall babysitting and hamaly services come in handy.

The service lets you hire a personal assistant who will walk around with you as you shop. Your assistant or hamaly will carry your grocery and shopping bags for you, so you can conserve your energy and accomplish all the tasks on your to-do list.

Babysitting services are also available. When you avail of this service, a qualified babysitter will accompany your children while you have your hair done, pay your bills, and complete your last-minute Eid shopping.

It’s a win-win. You can roam the mall in perfect peace without your children constantly running underfoot. Your children, meanwhile, can have more fun doing kid-friendly activities.

2.   Islamic Prayer Rooms

If you find yourself at the mall during salah or prayer times, there’s no need to rush to find a place somewhere quiet. Make your way to one of the mall’s Islamic prayer rooms to fulfill your daily ritual prayer obligations.

Doha Festival City has separate prayer rooms for men and women, and you can find them on the first floor. An imam also leads Friday prayers on the lower ground floor. Note that the mall shops might be closed for one and a half hours for Friday prayers.

3.   VIP Valet Parking

There may be 8,000 parking bays in Doha Festival City, but not all parking slots are close to or readily accessible from the mall building. While you want to park near your destination shops and zones, this is not always possible, especially during busy seasons.

For your convenience, you can avail of the mall’s VIP valet parking service. You can find the valet parking stations at the main entrance and West Court 2. Drive over to the valet service booth, leave your car and keys, and let the staff park it at one of their 17 shaded valet service parking locations.

After shopping, go back to the valet parking booth, surrender your valet parking ticket, and wait comfortably as the staff gets your car and delivers it to you. No more walking a considerable distance to your vehicle — in the heat — while lugging an armful of groceries and shopping bags.

The valet parking station also provides additional services. For instance, you can book a car wash. This is so convenient because your car can get clean while you shop. You can also get a tire pressure check and other car care services.

4.   Phone Charging Services

You have a dilemma. You are waiting for an important conference call, but your phone will die soon. You left home in such a rush that you forgot to charge your mobile or bring your power bank. What do you do?

If you find yourself needing to charge while shopping at Doha Festival City, don’t worry. Visit one of the mall’s phone charging stations or a customer service desk.

You can find the mall’s phone charging stations at the North Food Court and the South Food Court. If you don’t have any time to spare hanging around the food courts, you can approach a customer service desk to borrow a portable phone charger.

5.   Wheelchair and Bay Stroller

Parents, you don’t need to lug around your heavy baby stroller when visiting Doha Festival City. The mall provides a convenient baby stroller service. Just approach a customer service desk to request a baby stroller when you arrive.

Wheelchairs are also available if you or a member of your party needs one.

6.   Mall Guide

There are hundreds of shops, restaurants, and service providers in the mall.

To help you find your way, visit a customer service desk and ask for a free mall guide. The guide lists all the stores and brands in the mall and includes a handy map for your ease of navigation.

7.   Lost and Found

The mall has a lost and found service. If you lose something on your visit, proceed to a customer service desk to inquire if the item you lost has made its way to the mall’s lost and found section.

8.   Free Wi-Fi

Sitting around in a café while waiting for your friend to finish shopping? Perhaps you have an important video call. For these and more, you can use the mall’s free Wi-Fi.

Use the mall’s free internet to stream your favorite movie or series, post updates on social media, or chat with family and colleagues. The free Wi-Fi connectivity ensures you’re never disconnected from online services at Doha Festival City.

9.   Rent a Car

Need to be somewhere after your trip to the mall? Perhaps you need a car after buying so many things. In either case, you can rent a car right from the mall.

Services to Make Shopping Easier

Doha Festival City is Qatar’s largest mall.

Aside from featuring great shopping options, it also provides enjoyable and convenient signature services for customers.

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Unilever’s Lifebuoy, the world’s number one hygiene soap brand, has launched a creative competition that will see two (2) Chief Education Officers aged between 6-12years appointed to raise awareness on the importance of handwashing among school children.

Leveraging the power of peer-to-peer learning, the ‘CEOs’ will be selected from public and private schools in Ghana to help create impact by teaching other children about handwashing and personal hygiene in a series of fun and exciting activities.

The campaign dubbed ‘Lifebuoy H for handwashing CEOs’ is part of Lifebuoy’s activities to mark Global Handwashing Day which occurs every year on the 15th of October.

 Global handwashing day is an international handwashing campaign dedicated to motivating and mobilizing people worldwide to improve their handwashing habits as a strategy for disease prevention.

In 2020, Lifebuoy launched the H for Handwashing campaign to transform the letter H into a symbol for handwashing and to integrate hygiene awareness into the school curriculum. In 2021, Lifebuoy launched its first ever children’s book- an “H for Handwashing” alphabet book – in which children can explore the Alphabet with Azzy the horse. The book is intended to support school curricula all over the world, whenever and wherever children are taught the ABCs.

This year, Lifebuoy is going a step further by passing on the baton to the next generation who will teach their peers about handwashing, as studies have shown that children are more likely to change their behaviour when influenced by their peers.

Lifebuoy is encouraging Children from public and private schools in Ghana between the ages of 6-12years to take up this unique and exciting challenge.

Parents, Guardians and Teachers are also urged to encourage their children and pupils to participate in the competition by following these guidelines:

  • Share a 30- 45 seconds video of your child reciting their campaign manifesto by explaining what hygiene means to them and how they will promote better hygiene in their schools.
  • All entries must include the #LifebuoyCEOgh #GHD2022 hashtag and be submitted on Facebook and Instagram only via the brand’s pages @LifebuoyGhana.
  • Entries are open until the 10th of October, 2022.

The two selected CEOs will get the chance to become part of Lifebuoy’s award-winning ‘H for Handwashing’ movement and receive a certificate from the Unilever Ghana Leadership Team for their participation and commitment to the cause.  As part of celebrations to mark Global Handwashing Day, they will also visit the Unilever headquarters and factories to teach employees the importance of handwashing

The ‘CEOs’ will commit a minimum of ten hours a year to help spread the message of handwashing with soap to other children, at home and in schools. To enable them perform their roles, they will be trained in the use of Lifebuoy’s decade-old and well-proven  behaviour change material which will equip them to take the message forward.

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With only three days to the  September 30, 2022 deadline for SIM registration, MTN is urging its customers to have their SIM cards fully registered to avoid being disconnected.

All customers with voice and data SIM in phones and devices are mandated to register with the Ghana card before the deadline. All SIM cards that are not fully registered at the end of 30th September 2022 will be disconnected from using all services on the network.

Customers who are yet to register should start the process by dialing *404# or use the registration web portal to link their SIM to the Ghana card. Customers who have linked their SIM cards to the Ghana card can complete their registration by either visiting the nearest service centre/agent for the biometric capture or download the SIM Registration Self Service app on google play to complete the registration.

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Commenting on the SIM registration deadline, the General Manager Regional Sales and Distribution, South, MTN Ghana,Abubakar Mohammed said, “we are encouraging our customers to register immediately to avoid long queues at registration centers and subsequent blocking of SIM cards after the deadline.”

“Customers who are not sure of their status can check their registration status by dialing *400#. “B-Cap Yes” means a customer is fully registered”.

To ensure all customers are fully registered before the 30th of September 2022 deadline, all MTN field staff have been deployed to different locations to check registration status and register customers who have not yet registered their SIM cards.

The Ministry of Communications and Digitalization announced the mandatory re-registration of all SIM cards in Ghana last year. The registration exercise which started in October 2021 is scheduled to end on September 30, 2022.

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AIDEC Consultancies International & Academic City sign MoU to deepen practical AI knowledge



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Africa Integrated Development and Communications Consultancies (AIDEC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Academic City University College (ACity) to provide practical knowledge in areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

The MoU was executed on behalf of the two organizations represented by Mr. Ambrose Yennah, Executive Chairman of AIDEC and Professor Fred McBagonluri, President, and Provost of ACity.

Executive Chairman for AIDEC Consultancies, Ambrose Yennah, said: “the agreement seeks to provide students with practical hands-on-training in Data Science, Machine Learning, Robotics and other advanced technological training in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in areas of STEAM needed to efficiently work in the job market.”

He said the MoU is a private sector initiative between the two organizations to compliment government’s effort at digitalization and will enable them to collaborate with other Consortium Partners for the roll out of several Digital Solutions and Services.

“The agreement will include but not limited to the study and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, Robotics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPO) with specific focus on the health, and Educational Sectors including Executive Training for the Country Ghana and scaling up to the continent of Africa in the near-term,” he added.

President and Provost of ACity, Professor Fred McBagonluri, said the MoU will help in developing ready job skills by providing access to AI programmes that would help student use technology to pursue research initiatives that is focused on solving the needs of the society.

“The MoU, as part of its objectives, agree to establish, implement and create an enabling environment for students to engage in research and practical consulting assignments as a collaboration between industry and other academic institutions for practical, hands-on training, research, and fieldwork for their mutual good,” he said.

The Consortium Partners, he added, will provide top notch business, educational and technology solutions and services including Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) platform as a virtual and open educational resource facility to our target customers in the public, private and third sectors.

AIDEC and ACity in collaboration with other Consortium Partners will identify projects ideas and invest in them to generate employment in IT/Digital Solutions and Services and generate income for the Consortium Partners whilst providing an avenue for upgrading the skills and competencies of students with creative and innovative technologies that will expose and prepare them for the job market including Students exchange programs for practical hands-on training, research and fieldwork.

The Consortium Partners agree to work to improve and expand their Institutional capacities in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Science, Machine learning including online learning platforms and programs to whip up the interest of students enrolling for higher education for STEAM, SparX leaning Xperience and other competency-based professional training programs for an all-inclusive digital transformation.

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