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YouTube Partner Program now allows monetization in Ghana



YouTube Partner ProgramRelevant local content is key to the development of the internet in Ghana.  When the local YouTube domain was launched in Ghana in 2012, no one could have guessed the amount of impact it would make. From Musical videos to Azonto dance tutorials and radio talk shows Ghanaians have been generating some of the most creatively diverse content on YouTube.

To further support local creators, the YouTube Partner Program has now been extended to Ghana. What this means is that Ghanaian YouTube users are now going to be able to make money on their videos, and gain access to resources and programs that can help them expand to a larger audience.

So whether its a banker who dreams of moonlighting as a comedian, or a young animator in Legon working on an animation series, or a seasoned makeup artist looking to showcase her talent to a wider audience, the YouTube Partner Program provides an opportunity for them to share to a worldwide audience and earn money doing so.

To enroll in this program and become a YouTube Partner, content creators will be required to sign-in in their YouTube accounts and have at least one video enabled for advertising on

Content creators enrolled in the YouTube Online Partner Program will be provided with online tools and resources to improve their skills, build their online audience and most importantly monetize their videos.


Not only individuals benefit from the YouTube platform – brands do too.  Brands are able to connect to their audience through various targeting methods.

Whether it be based on demographics, interest, topics, keywords and specific video’s or YouTube channels, advertisers will be able to make sure they are as relevant as possible.

With the most well known ad format being “true–view” in-stream ads, brands are only charged once the viewer has chosen to engage with their content. This “Cost Per View” model is first of its kind and ensures brands get the most out of their spend.

Google Ghana Country Manager, Estelle Akofio-Sowah said “We are excited about the amazing opportunities the YouTube Partner Program will create for Ghanaian content creators to engage and build a global audience for their content.”


“This program will definitely enrich the diversity of the YouTube community and bring more Ghanaian content to the web” she added. ]]>

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