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Yvonne Nelson apologizes to the late Mr Nelson, who she thought was her estranged father



Ghanaian actress and movie producer has never shied away from expressing her resentment towards irresponsible and absent fathers.

The actress has always expressed her anger towards the late Mr Oko Nelson, her supposed father for abandoning her for all these years.

In her explosive memoir titled “I am not Yvonne Nelson,” the actress dedicated a chapter to addressing her “daddy issues” and apologizing to the man she vehemently felt anger towards.


“I do not know where to begin this and what it will achieve, but I feel strongly about it. I know I have to do it. I feel I owe you an apology, even if the timing is wrong and my apology may mean nothing to you.

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“But, wherever you are, find a place in your heart to forgive me. I became resentful towards you because of what my mother told me about you. I had no reason to doubt her because when I made attempts to get close to you, your rejection only confirmed her claim that you didn’t like me.

“At one point, I even thought you hated me. I knew you and my mother were not on good terms, but I did not deserve to be treated like a piece of rag by my father. That’s how I saw your reaction,” she writes.


According to Yvonne, she did not understand why her supposed late father, Mr Nelson detested her, hence, her reason for painting him black.

“One cannot blame a child who constantly heard that her dad did not like her. That child would obviously grow up detesting him. I did not understand why a man would hate his own offspring. It was the reason I painted you black in a number of media interviews I granted. That was all the information I had about you. Though I didn’t go to the extreme, I spoke the truth. You were not part of my life and I did not hesitate to say that publicly. At the time, I was right.”

Yvonne reveals that the man she thought was her father was a lie all along, spearheaded by her mom.

“However, I have now come to understand that you had no reason to be part of my life at all. You owed me nothing, not even your surname. I have come to know the truth and realised that you may have had your own battles as far as I was concerned. You were not my father and I was not your daughter,” she adds.


The man she thought was her father, Mr Nelson died in 2017, and Yvonne chose not to attend his funeral, and in the book, she shared that she regrets not having the opportunity to apologize to him before his demise.

“To you, your children and your family, I sincerely apologise. I’m sorry that I said all those things about you. I wish you were alive so I could say this to you in person. I first heard from my mother that you were not my father when I visited you in the concluding part of 2016, during the dying embers of your life. I was still in shock. Before I confirmed the truth, you were gone,” Yvonne said.

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“I regret I couldn’t apologise to you in person. Although the first apology should have come from my mother, I wish I could kneel by you and tell you how sorry I am. But that is not the only reason I wish You were around. I would have loved to know whether you knew the with. I would have loved to hear whether you knew I was not your daughter, and more importantly, if you knew of someone else who.


“Now, all that is not necessary. I now know the truth, even if the back story will forever remain hidden. I wish things had not been this way. I ask for your forgiveness, wherever you are. Forgive me that I dragged your name in the mud”.

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