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Yvonne Nelson responds to Haruna Alidu’s ‘prostitute insinuation’, slams celebs for not joining #DumsorMustStop


Yvonne Nelson responds to Haruna Alidu’s ‘prostitute insinuation’, slams celebs for not joining #DumsorMustStop

Yvonne NelsonYvonne Nelson is disappointed in the statement a member of the NDC Haruna Alidu posted on his Facebook in the after of her Dumsor Campaign started trending. The actress registered her disappointment in a series of social media posts. She wrote:

“If what I’m reading from Halidu Haruna is true, then Ooo my goodness! I understand why we are here, in this place as a country!

“I can’t believe a leader, a grown man in this country will say such a thing. He should be ashamed of himself. We have a long way to go GHANA! The movement won’t stop until dumsor stops | watch this space!

She also took a swipe at her fellow comrades in the limelight who had pretended not to see the #DumsorMustStop after trending for days in the media.

“I can’t believe there are Ghanaian celebrities on social media pretending not to have seen OUR movement!
God is watching all of you.

Meanwhile, the  former Aide to the Chief of Staff of the ruling government has  retracted his earlier statement in a new post;

“I feel embarrassed by my post against the celebrities. I was condemned both privately and publicly by my friends and party faithful. I respectfully admit that it was an avoidable blunder. I honestly and sincerely regret my action and I ask for forgiveness. To err is human.”


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  1. King

    May 7, 2015 at 5:44 am

    So this man is an alhaji, what is the qualification to be alhaji. He was also at the flag house advising mahama, i understand why we are in dumsor.

  2. Effah

    May 3, 2015 at 7:54 pm

    It’s very sad a ‘RESPONSIBLE’ person as the Alhaji claims to be would make such an irresponsible statement. A clear reason for this unending dumsor. Irresponsible men who don’t listen to wise counsel at the helm of affairs, what should we expect. Is it responsible when square pegs are put in round holes? or when people get positions when they insult? Alhaji Haruna Halidu, you are a disgrace to even bear Alhaji. The next time you talk, think twice and make a productive statement. Your apology to me is unacceptable

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