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Zero Hunger Ghana Celebrates 2nd Anniversary On World Food Day 2020



Recently, the conversation around the food topic has been that Covid-19 has been a wake up call for every country and community to be self-reliant in food production.  Globally, nearly 690 million people are hungry, up 10 million since 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic could add between 83-132 million people to this number, depending on the economic growth scenario.  Over 2 billion people do not have regular access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food. The global population is expected to reach almost 10 billion by 2050.


In 2018, Zero Hunger Ghana (ZHG) got on the train to End Hunger, identifying the need to join the call for collective action, under the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2 – Zero Hunger.  Debra-Jane Nelson, founder, has since carried out community outreaches in 39 locations, with multiple visits to some of these locations.  Each outreach comprises of Education (Sensitization on pressing current issues) and Donations.  ZHG is a not for profit, non-partisan organization founded to contribute to Ending Hunger and to contribute to the Development of Poor/Vulnerable Communities.


Without support from neither the government nor any funding body, ZHG has:

  • Carried out food donations to the needy in pro–poor communities and orphanages
  • Given support with the pressing needs of the identified vulnerable groups in addition to food: Water for drinking, Water for domestic use, Domestic needs (plates, cutlery, cups, cooking utensils, beddings, etc…), Sanitation needs, Sanitary products, Medication, Clothing and Footwear, Educational materials, Infrastructure maintenance and enhancement, etc…
  • Provided training on reduction of food waste, food hygiene and food nutrition
  • Driving projects to tackle food insecurity
  • Driving projects to promote sustainable food provision and to empower self-dependence

The above were carried out before COVID-19 and when the pandemic hit, with joint efforts from individual donors, partnerships with other local Not-For-Profit Bodies and the organisation’s volunteers, several sensitizations on the topic and its health and safety measures were carried out as well as distribution of food items, clean water, toiletries and sanitation products to vulnerable communities.

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ZHG’s work is still on-going.  “We are the roots that nourish.  Every food hero plays a role.  We need to feed the world.  The time has come to build back together.  Together we can make a difference.  To lives and communities everywhere.  We need a sustainable food system.  Because we are all one. Grow, Nourish, Sustain, Together.” – UNFAO.  “Our actions are our future” – UN.  “World Food Day” is calling for global solidarity to help all populations, and especially the most vulnerable. In joining this course, we are “Food Heroes” and ZHG together with Hope Setter Autism Center are grooming their own little Food Heroes, the children at the center, Living With Autism and other Disabilities.


To celebrate Zero Hunger Ghana’s 2nd Anniversary, commemorating World Food Day 2020.  The organisation has embarked on a sustainable agricultural practice that preserves the earth’s natural resources, health, and the climate. Supporting a developmental opportunity through the “Garden Farm Project”, raising awareness about the importance of eating well and promoting healthy eating through education and care.  Instituting self-reliant in food production.


Zero Hunger Ghana works with the vision of creating a world of Safe, Healthy and Nutritious Food For All, the ZHG Vision and with an objective of embarking on projects that promotes “GROW, NOURISH, SUSTAIN. TOGETHER“ which is the theme for this year’s World Food Day.   With this vision, persons with disability cannot be left out in the impact chain as they have the full right to be part of the evolving world. Social Inclusion is key in the development of our country Ghana, and Zero Hunger Ghana is committed in extending this support to persons with disability as well.


For this reason, the “Garden Farm Project” was initiated to support Children Living With Autism at the Hopesetters Autism Center in Tema, Ghana.  Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder that affects the senses of a child. It causes impairment in their communication, behaviour and imagination.  Autism has no cure but there are various therapies that help the children to improve.  These therapies include the Diet Therapy, which focuses very much on the kind of foods the children eat and effect on their condition.  A UN SDG 17 – a partnership aligned with Goal 2 – Zero Hunger and Goal 3 – Good Health and Wellbeing.


Caring for a child with Autism can be very challenging on many levels, and healthy eating is no exception.

For children with Autism, a nutritious, balanced eating plan can make a world of difference in their ability to learn, how they manage their emotions and how they process information.  This pressing issue of Autism and Food is now a global topic for research, investigating how to produce safe and healthy foods for Children Living With Autism and the Zero Hunger Ghana team is very delighted to be part of the global agenda.   This is why the food topic is so important.


The relevance of the “Garden Farm Project” in support of Children Living With Autism is:

  1. Provide safe, healthy and nutritious food for the children.
  2. The farm will serve as an activity area for the children to enhance their gross motor and fine motor skills, through planting, watering, pruning and harvesting.
  3. The farm produce will be used by the children for their functional skills activity (cooking).
  4. Promote social inclusion between volunteers of Zero Hunger Ghana and children living with Autism at the Hopesetters Autism Center.
  5. Promote Autism awareness on all social media platforms of Zero Hunger Ghana.
  6. Provide an internal generated income stream for Zero Hunger Ghana & the Hopesetters Autism Center for continuous social impact initiatives.


The vulnerable groups under the ZHG Beneficiaries are made up of orphans, street children, single mothers, widows, deprived families and disabled persons. Promoting this worldwide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger is why the food topic is so important.  Everyone is encouraged to be a Food Hero.


Running parallel to the above is the campaign “CHANGING LIVES 1 PLATE AT A TIME” which is an on-going mission to contribute to the wellbeing of the vulnerable, ENDING HUNGER! And advocating developing poor communities, ENDING POVERTY! With ZERO HUNGER GHANA!



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