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ZIK Reinvents Himself With New Single SDFTL



ZIK Reinvents Himself With New Single SDFTL

ZIK (formerly known as Izik) is a living breathing testimony of the magic that can be created when various diverse cultures are crossed. Born in Lagos to Ghanaian parents, ZIK has soaked up all the gems from the continents two most vibrant music scenes. The result is a sound crafted to exhibit the best of both worlds and a bag full of magical ideas. After shortening his stage name from the near biblical ‘Izik’ to the more modern and sleeker on the tongue: ZIK, the artist is ready to claim his piece of the pie. The new single ‘SDFTL’ is his first magic trick as ZIK.


‘SDFTL’ (short for ‘She Dey Find True Love’) is ZIK’s ode to all the people who are struggling to find the perfect relationship. It touches on the difficulties of maintaining a relationship due to the exaggerated relationship standards made popular by social media. ZIK glides over the hard drums and ambient chords which producer VT has made into a bouncy groove. The minimalist production on ‘SDFTL’ allows ZIK’s vocals to take center stage and dominate. ZIK is talking to a love interest and to all the people who are interested in love, simultaneously. He imagines what it’s like to be God with all the trouble in the world when he sings “E no easy, if I be God ago dey busy – too many calls”. ‘SDFTL’ may have conscious intent behind it but its groove, melodies and lyrics are as radio-ready as the biggest Afrobeats songs out there. ‘SDFTL’ is guaranteed to fit and set all major playlists alight.

 ‘SDFTL’ is the beginning of the reinvention of ZIK (fka Izik). ‘SDFTL’ is now available to stream or purchase on all digital music platforms here:


For further updates and information kindly visit the social media pages of ZIK (Twitter:

@izzikofficial , Instagram: @izzikofficial)

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