Don’t compete, learn from Nollywood –Michael Uchegbu to GH filmmakers



Renowned Nollywood actor, Michael Uchegbu has called on stakeholders in the Ghanaian film industry to shift their focus from competing with Nollywood and instead concentrate on establishing a unique identity.

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The actor highlighted that Nollywood has attained its current status by continuously striving for excellence and introducing innovative approaches. Therefore, attempting to rival Nollywood would only hinder the progress of Ghana’s film industry.

During an interview with Graphic Showbiz, the Anomalous actor suggested that players in the Ghanaian film industry could learn valuable lessons from their Nigerian counterparts.

”The GH movie sector is not making much progress due to the lack of drive among its players to achieve global success and that is what is hindering its growth. So the best bet is to learn from Nollywood and not spend precious time trying to compete with them,” he stated.
He further emphasized the need for Ghanaian filmmakers to draw from the experiences and practices of Nollywood in order to overcome the current obstacles in the industry. Additionally, he stressed the importance of strategic planning to produce exceptional movies that can gain international recognition, rather than engaging in rivalry with Nollywood.
‘In his words, ‘Filmmakers in Ghana could harness the experiences and practices of Nollywood to overcome the sector’s current challenges. They also need to strategise to build up the industry by producing exceptional movies that can gain international recognition instead of rivalling Nollywood,” he added  
The thespian also highlighted the significance of investment, hard work, and collaboration for the advancement of Ghana’s film industry.
“In my opinion, Nigeria’s film industry is more advanced because we are a nation that strives for success, while Ghanaians tend to be more relaxed and calm. Therefore, the way forward is for us to learn from each other and support one another. Ghana and Nigeria should not be in competition if we aim to develop Africa and our respective industries,” he concluded.

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