‘Dumsor’ has destroyed most of the ACs in my house – Mr. Drew



Sensational Ghanaian singer and dancer, Mr. Drew, born Andrews Nii Commey Otoo has expressed his frustration regarding the negative impact of “dumsor” on his household appliances.

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“Dumsor,” a term from the Akan language, signifies intermittent power supply and has become synonymous with the country’s frequent and unpredictable power outages. These power cuts have plagued Ghana for a considerable period, causing significant inconvenience and financial strain for both individuals and businesses.

Mr. Drew, renowned for his dynamic performances and popular songs, shared his personal encounter with dumsor, lamenting the harm it has caused to his electronic devices.

In an exclusive interview with Youtuber Kwadwo Sheldon, the artiste behind the hit song “Case” expressed, “The dumsor situation in my neighborhood is severe… I mean, it’s really bad. It’s not just pure dumsor… the current is unstable, fluctuating between low and high power levels. This instability has resulted in the destruction of most of the air conditioners in my house.”


”There was a time when I was away, and upon my return, I discovered that dumsor had damaged all my ACs, necessitating repairs. The constant power cuts and voltage surges are unbearable,” he added.

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Mr. Drew further emphasized that the power situation sometimes affects his work, particularly during recording sessions.

The artiste’s frustration is echoed by many Ghanaians who face similar challenges. Power outages can last for hours, sometimes even days, disrupting daily activities and affecting productivity. The erratic power supply has damaged a multitude of devices, from refrigerators and air conditioners to computers and musical equipment, leading to significant financial losses.

 As Ghana continues to grapple with its energy challenges, the voices of affected citizens like Mr. Drew highlight the pressing need for lasting solutions to ensure a stable power supply and protect the livelihoods and well-being of the population.  


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