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Feature: The Ghanaian as a corruption change agent; your New Year wish?



corruption in ghanaNot a day passes in Ghana that corruption is not talked about or reported in the media. The decadence cuts across all facets of the Ghana’s social, political and economic life. In my recent article ” Fighting Corruption In Ghana – The Christian And The Integrity Value Proposition” , the thrust of the article intended for all- especially Christians to stop and think about our individual contributions to the spiral growth of the corruption situation in the country. As it appears, we did not even read it! But, I come again to reiterate this same point again as we make our New Year resolutions. I promise to keep this article short so you will read! As it is our ritual, we are busily putting down our”great expectations” to God requesting him to forcefully honour at all cost. We want new jobs, continue that building project or buy new fleet of cars, and also travel opportunities and more. Also we look at higher academic laurels to our chain. And that is normal with every human being, don’t get me wrong. I read an article this week which  the Principal of Jackson College of Education, Mrs Theodosia is eliciting engagement which makes the teaching of ”corruption ” a compulsory subject right from the basic education right up to the university education levels. Whiles that view could be a layer to solving the hydra headed situation the Ghanaian society is currently bedevilled with, I ask, who is going to teach the subject and how exemplary is the one? Right from the clergy, political and the ordinary man on the street doing the criticism of the assumed corrupt is corrupt himself! We refuse to honour our tax responsibilities yet we want development in our communities. Those who pay falsify their tax liabilities to the state. Our communities are filthy because we dump rubbish anywhere when no one is watching. Our gutters are choked and the stench is killing us .we build houses without toilet facility because the building authority will not do their monitoring work of ensuring that is done. Well, my proposition is, as we put our requests to God for a brighter 2018, I wish for all us to also ask God to make us change agents- at the personal level to the fight against corruption at all levels. In that wise, I cease taking 10% or ‘brown envelope’ for that contract, will not condone, connive or implicitly do anything with underlying undertones to making money inappropriately. Also I will retire all expense for that project – including the remaining resource honestly. As a policeman, it is my duty to protect the citizenry and not collecting moneys from them for same. As a Judge, Politician, Pastor and Reverend Minister, Chief, Educationist, Civil Servant, Media Practitioner ,Student, Labourer , National Service Personnel (NSS) and all others, we resolve to fighting corruption in 2018 and beyond by first being agents of change and reporting corruption to the appropriate institutions for prosecution and ensuring prosecution wherever they may be.   Wishing all Ghanaians a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous Corruption free Happy New year!   Ebenezer Annang A National Service Personnel.]]>

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