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10 months of no allowances, Ghanaian scholarship students in Russia cry out



The National Executive Committee and the entire membership of the National Union of Ghana Students, Russia has called on government for immediate intervention concerning stipends owed students on scholarship for the past ten months. According to Patrick Puplampu-Dove, Vice President of the Union, these students are about 200 in number. They got themselves to Russia through the bilateral agreement between both countries. The Russian side of the contract has been diligently upheld with no records of non-payment of tuition fees for the past years since the agreement was institutionalized. Mr Puplampu-Dove said: “It is very unfortunate it happens to be a very different story for the Ghanaian side whose citizens are given a tuition free education by the Russian government.” “Not only are we receiving the least amount of monthly allowances comparing to other countries but students have always been suffering with delayed allowances with this being the ultimate.” According to him, most of the students can now no longer borrow to keep up since they have been owing their colleagues for ten months and hopes of paying back does not look eminent looking at how things are going. “A new academic year started a month ago and as it stands now , even if the money owed is being paid, most of us are going to settle our debts with that and would not have adequate amount to cater for our hostel fees, health insurance and booking allowances since it is going to be a ‘hand to mouth’ affair renewing a new contract of borrowing leaving under the mercies of other nationals who are enjoying good treatment with the help of their government,” he added. PhD students who are about to graduate are in complete fear and panic since they might not be able to defend their work due to the lack of funds to complete them. Find more of Patrick Puplampu-Dove’s concerns expressed in the Union’s press statement below: Tried as we have, we have exhausted the highest form of diplomacy in this case contacting the necessary institutions as well as the main authorities involved. Countless number of letters have equally been written with no results. We would have loved to help ourselves in this regard but unfortunately, we find ourselves in a country like Russia, where it is illegal for students to work to get something for themselves. We are therefore left with no option than to rely on the amount being sent by the government to us. We are currently so vulnerable leaving at the mercies of the Russian authorities and we fear of an abrupt end to our studies in Russia as far as this unfortunate canker and havoc is being bestowed upon us. We therefore would like to call on the Government to take us out of this unfortunate circumstance surrounding us by releasing monies owed us to enable us pay our debts and hope a lasting solution is being implemented to avoid recurrence.]]>