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14 Apps that Will Allow You to Study Productively at Home



Being faced with the necessity to study from home, a lot of students find it hard to concentrate on online lectures and assignments. Moreover, most of us worry about the current situation, our health, our loved ones, besides the economic situation. Fortunately, there are a lot of solutions that can help learners to concentrate on materials and tasks, plan learning activities, and relax after studies. Here are fourteen apps you can use to study productively at home.


This useful app allows for creating handy flashcards that will help you to learn new words, terms, and other materials quickly and effectively. You can upload class resources here, create quizzes for easy learning, and sent your flashcards to classmates. College and university assignments, such as essays and term papers, can be extremely strenuous and stressful, but you cannot escape them if you want to graduate with that prestigious degree.

So, if you are looking at a blank page on your computer wondering whether someone can “write my essay today,” you have a reason to smile because Write My Essay is here for you!

Oxford Dictionary

This mobile version of the famous dictionary made by Oxford Dictionary will prove to be handy whether for an essay writer crafting an original paper or a student working on their course work.

Dragon Dictation

This application can convert literally anything into a digital format. Scan your book or notes, convert them digitally, and send to any other app or email them. Buy Best Home Supplies – 


With this app, you can simply scan your book’s barcode and get a citation formatted in APA, MLA, and other formats. It is especially helpful for freshmen struggling with citing rules.


This handy tool allows for making notes on anything, with adding images, videos, or audios to remember something. You can use it both for studying and putting down your thoughts and worries. Its advanced functionality allows for sorting different notes and organizing your studying and private spaces.

Simple Mind

This app allows for crafting mind maps for organizing your thoughts and organizing to-do lists. It can also be used for noting and developing ideas, as well as setting goals and strategies for their fulfillment.

Google Drive

Here, you can store, save, and share tons of learning materials. Also, you can craft your assignments directly in Google Drive and email them to your instructor or turn them into your online classroom.

myHomework Student Planner

This useful planner has easy-to-use yet all-covered functionality to keep track of all your online lessons, workshops, assignments, and tests. With this app, you won’t forget about the tasks to do and submit in time.

Focus To-Do

The application allows for crafting a variety of to-do lists for various aspects of your life so that you won’t feel overwhelmed with tasks and duties and understand the timing and priorities right. It is also fitted with a timer to stay focused on your daily tasks.


This apps combines useful learning functionality, such as quizzes, flashcards, notes, and slides, for enhanced learning. You can create or join Groups in GoConqr to share and discuss tasks.

Office Lens

With this amazing application, you can take photos of any book pages, magazines, whiteboards, blackboards, etc., and get an editable and shareable text from them. Office Lens can recognize text even from an angle or partially covered with shade.


Once you set studying time through this app, you get a virtual seed to plant. All the time you stay focused and continue using this application, the seed grows into a beautiful tree. Thus, you can grow your rewarding virtual forest with the persistence and dedication to the studies. Besides, the application allows for achieving virtual rewards that user is welcome to use to plant a real tree through the app.


Self-discipline is among the main struggles of students forced to study at home. With the Freedom app, you can block distracting apps and notifications to stay focused and productive with your studies. Moreover, you can schedule these blocks according to your studying hours.

Brain FM

The environment has a huge impact on your concentration and productivity, but the good news is that you can create a perfect studying environment to enhance your academic performance. Brain FM allows for setting the right music for studying, keeping you attentive and concentrated on the learning material and assignment to complete. On the other hand, if you want to relax after productive work, Brain FM offers relax playlists, too, so everyone can find something suitable on this app.

Final Remarks

It may be hard to change your studying habits and study at home with the same efficiency as you used to in school or college, but thanks to these apps, you will be able to set up your mind for studying and deal with all tasks successfully. Good luck with your studies!


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