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I want to buy a house in Ghana, don’t want to dedicate my whole life to the American lifestyle – Meek Mill reveals



Rapper Meek Mill who expressed interest in visiting Ghana in the past, recently hinted he was coming to Ghana this December for the UPPFEST pop up party.  An event organised by Kelvin “pjkev” Mensah, a Ghanaian American-born private jet broker who is friend to many celebrities including some renowned American rappers.

Social media users, many of whom are Ghanaians and Nigerians, showed interest in his plan to visit the Mother land this December. These people (including Ghanaians and Nigerians) trooped to his twitter page with tweets inquiring whether he’s indeed visiting Ghana as purported. But it appeared his plan to visit Ghana, isn’t yet confirmed.

Later after the “Dream chasers” rapper had sparked the curiosity of people with his intention to visit Ghana, he revealed in a tweet he doesn’t like the idea of dedicating his whole life to the American lifestyle, so he wants to buy a property (house) in Ghana, so that he and his family can sometimes have a living experience in Ghana.

Since the government of Ghana launched the “year of return” program in 2019, an initiative encouraging africans in the diaspora to visit Ghana,  we have seen lots of Americans in the diaspora visit Ghana, and many show interest in relocating to Ghana with their family to start a new life.

Is Meek Mill coming to Ghana for the UPPFEST pop up Party?


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