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Ghana Tourism Authority ignored me in the past but now they are chasing me all over- Wode Maya



Influential YouTuber, Berthold Winkler, popularly known as Wode Maya has shared some of the challenges he faced when he decided to move back home to Ghana.

Wode Maya, revealed in an exclusive interview with Ameyaw Debrah that aside Ghanians not accepting him, trying to collaborate with the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) on some of his projects proved futile.

Wode Maya, whose channel now has over  860,000 subscribers shared that now that he has become successful and made a name for himself, the GTA are on his tail, seeking to work with him.

“Whenever the Ghana Tourism reaches out to me, I tell them I’m not in the country, even when I am. Because I’m not interested in working with them. I have reached out to them on several occasions in the past to no avail, but now that they see my potential and growth, they all of a sudden want to work with me,” he told Ameyaw Debrah.
When asked if Ghanaians have accepted him now, he said;

“I think so, but I feel like it’s because of the name that I’m making now.”

“We should always see people as one of our own. We shouldn’t wait for the person to be successful before we start celebrating the person,” he added.

Watch full interview below;


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