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8 ways to end your relationship respectfully



As one popular love song goes, “There’s no easy way to break somebody’s heart.” And it’s true. Depending on how you break up with someone, you could end up causing even more heartbreak. However, as adults, you can still be respectful.

Here’s how to end a relationship by being mature, straight forward, and considerate of their feelings.

1. Explain yourself.

Be sure that you have a proper explanation as to why you want to end the relationship. It’s not a good idea to leave a person hanging. It’s even worse to just leave them without even saying goodbye.

Keep in mind that the person that you’re planning to leave has been a part of your life and they deserve some respect from you.

2. Be honest.

Remember that you have to be honest. Don’t make up excuses that are far from the truth. Excuses only complicate things in the future. It’s better to tell the truth because, at least once it’s all over, both of you can move on without any questions waiting to be answered.

If you’re afraid that telling the truth might hurt your partner, tell yourself that although the truth may really hurt, your partner deserves to know the whole truth and nothing less. If you got tired of them because they were boring and annoying, tell him or her directly. Don’t be rude in saying so.

The advantage of telling the whole truth to your partner is so they can work on their weaknesses and mistakes. And in the future, they won’t be faced with the same problems. Hopefully, their future partners won’t have to leave them for the same reason you did.

3. Be direct.

When you break up with a person, don’t be a tease. Don’t ever play with their feelings and emotions. the moment you break up with someone, his or her heart will be very vulnerable.

4. Be firm.

Don’t be too nice and mushy because the person might think you still have feelings for them. Being too nice can give them the false hope that you might want to get back together at some point.

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5. Be clear.

Directly tell your significant other that you are breaking up with him or her, and then clearly state your reasons. Avoid laughing or smiling when you are stating your reasons. Learn to be empathetic because you really wouldn’t enjoy it if someone was smiling while breaking up with you.

6. Tie up loose ends.

Finish and solve all your unresolved issues while trying to keep the breakup civil and friendly. Emphasize clearly yet nicely the need for both of you to move on with each other’s lives.

Do not sugarcoat your reasons because you will only end up not getting your point across. This will make your partner more confused than before.

7. Be brief.

Do not dawdle. That would only add to the anxiety of your partner. If you want, you can tell them that you can still be friends, but that’s about it.

8. Be gracious.

Don’t forget to express your gratitude to your partner for the time you spent together. Admit that you shared some happy moments together, and that’s worth expressing gratitude for.


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What Is the Best Crypto Currency Platform?



Cryptocurrency is rapidly becoming a favorite among investors and consumers alike. The financial tool is versatile, quick, and constantly evolving. Aside from the rock-solid security features that are backed into the very fabric of the crypto and blockchain models, cryptocurrency offers itself as a blueprint for other technology-packed features and applications that continue to expand what we collectively imagine as possible for the future of connectivity and information sharing.


Cryptocurrency is a great opportunity within a number of different realms, but many people prize the digital currency for its resilience as an investment vehicle. Investing in cryptocurrency has excellent upside, and with the market constantly open and mobile, traders can take advantage of whatever hours suit their busy schedules the best. With a 24-hour opening time, cryptocurrencies react in real time to the events of the global social, political, and economic marketplace as well. This means that research products and an eye for interactive pattern modeling are a must for anyone invested in the crypto space.


This all leads to the question of how one might get started or grow their holdings in the cryptocurrency world. The answer is, of course, a cryptocurrency exchange. These platforms act as brokers for trading and holding crypto assets, just like a stock brokerage account holds all your stock assets in one convenient location and allows for trades within market hours. But selecting the best cryptocurrency platform for your needs can be tricky. Many people ask themselves (and the internet), “What is the best crypto currency platform?” The truth is that there is no single “best” option when it comes to holding and trading digital currencies, only a great fit for your unique needs. Read on to discover how you can evaluate these needs in order to select the best platform for your trading patterns and holding requirements.

Security is a must for any good cryptocurrency exchange.



Beginners and professionals alike will surely recognize the importance of security when it comes to holding and leveraging digital currencies. A cryptocurrency exchange isn’t much of a trading platform if it doesn’t protect these assets from unwanted intrusions. Crypto is a difficult thing to “steal,” yet social engineering attacks have become highly sophisticated and are nearly tailor-made for this purpose. Whether you’re thinking of utilizing Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, or Robinhood for your cryptocurrency trading profile, understanding the broker’s history with cyberattacks and security of user information and assets is a must.


Many cryptocurrency exchanges have an excellent track record when it comes to this aspect of the cryptocurrency experience, so comparing security measures head to head is a great way to rank your top choices.

The fee structure will help determine profit margins.



Every cryptocurrency trade today comes with a fee of some sort. Buying and selling Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), or Litecoin (LTC) will cost you a fraction of your chosen payment medium, and these fees can add up for active traders who are placing tens, hundreds, or even thousands of trades per day. Selecting a platform that minimizes the cost of trading is a great way for those who want to maintain a consistently active presence to reduce the fees that are shaved off the top of every transaction.


Alternatively, some traders engage in the buy-and-hold strategy, just like they might within the stock market or with fiat currencies. Trading this way reduces the fees you’ll pay out of sheer volume, making the importance of fee considerations muted.


Whatever aspects of the trading space you prioritize the most, finding a great crypto exchange that meets your needs is all about the way you will engage with the market. Look inward for guidance in this arena.

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Twitter partners with Afrochella 2021 – New Hashmoji and #AfrochellaSpaces Launched



Afrochella is back, and Twitter is set to be the converging point for the Afrochella community, having recently announced its sponsorship of the annual music and cultural festival. The announcement coincides with the roll-out of a new Afrochella Hashmoji and GIF, which can be activated by Tweeting #Afrochella, #Afrochella2021 and #Afrochella21.


With a series of live events on the platform and on-site activations lined up, Twitter will be at the heart of Afrochella conversations, providing real-time, beat-by-beat coverage of activities, driven by the vibrant African and Diasporan communities expected to bring colour to the festival. This marks Twitter’s first in-country activity since announcing that it was setting up operations in Ghana.

Afrochella is an annual Ghanaian music & experiential festival that showcases the vibrant work of African creatives & entrepreneurs. With representation from diverse cultures across the continent, Afrochella is designed to elevate and highlight thriving millennial talent in Africa. The festival aims to teach, explain and explore cultures through a pioneering approach; combining art, creative activations, premium continental cuisine, and African music.


Festival activities Twitter and Afrochella are expected to collaborate on will include a series of #AfrochellaSpaces hosted by Twitter Spaces; an exciting new product that allows live audio conversations on Twitter. The Spaces will host artists performing at the festival, and will provide an opportunity for them to connect and interact directly with fans. There will also be a Twitter MusicPanel Discussion at the Afrochella Music Museum; a curated experience that will take the audience on a journey through the past and into the future with live performances, art installations, digital and printed imagery, as well as on-site activations at the festival.


“This partnership represents a unique opportunity to share in the richness of Afrochella, and a deepening of our commitment to being a home for diverse peoples, cultures and perspectives. We understand that Twitter is a reflection of what’s happening; so by leveraging products like Spaces, we will support and be part of trending Afrochella conversations on the Timeline. And with the recently launched custom Emoji and GIF, we are excited to bring the festival to life for thousands across Ghana, the wider continent and beyond”, said Uche Adegbite, Senior Director, Product Management and Initiative Driver of Twitter’s Global Participation program.


In a statement, Abdul Karim Abdullah, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Culture Management Group, organisers of Afrochella said, “We couldn’t be more excited to have Twitter onboard as partners to deliver an unforgettable Afrochella experience this year. Together, we will encourage the further advancement and awareness of Africa’s homegrown talent in music, art, fashion, and food.”


In addition to the December 28th concert, with recently announced mainstage headliners Wizkid, Kojo Antwi and StoneBwoy, Afrochella will host an African Fashion Night Out, Amapiano & Brunch, Afrochella Talks, and a New Year’s Eve celebration.


Follow #Afrochella, #Afrochella2021 and #Afrochella21 on Twitter for updates and to join the conversation.



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How To Shower With A Frontal Face Wig



Are you scared to shower with your Lace front wigs? Well, don’t be. Frontal wigs are known for their durability and comfort level. However, many women are scared to damage their lace wigs if they shower with them.

There are solutions to every problem in this world, so there is to this as well. Here we will be talking about how to shower with a frontal face wig. 

You should be aware of some things before taking a shower with a lace wig, and it will help you know more about lace wigs.

Precautions You Need To Take

First, be sure the liquid adhesive, glue, wig tape by which you are wearing your wig is still securely on your head. Make sure there is no peel-up around the edges. If your wig already starts to come off during the shower, it will be better not to continue your shower in that condition. 

Secondly, know that if your natural hair length is long, it will take more than usual time to dry. However, if the length is only an inch or two, it will dry quickly. 

The most important note is that don’t stand while facing the shower. That is because when the water flow hits your forehead directly, it will weaken the wig bonds on your forehead. So make sure always to tip your head back and gently wet your hair. 

Use a shampoo that is suitable for wig hair as well. You can also use a shampoo made for fragile hair. You only need one wash to remove the oils and the perspiration that has been built over time.

Key Tips

Don’t shower as you do with your natural hair. Instead, gently scrub your hair; otherwise, you may lose your wig if you work your fingers too much. 

Make sure all the shampoo is out of your hair and check if any damage is done to the lace wig. If there is, it would be better if you take the wig out.

After your shower, gently pat your hair dry. If you were using adhesive for your lace wig, the glue would turn white. Don’t panic; the adhesive will turn clear once your hair is dry and back to normal.

However, if you feel that the bond is somehow weakening, you can apply a bit of glue to the lace again to ensure it is secure. Use a wide-tooth comb to style your hair rather than a brush. 

Where To Get Your Frontal Lace Wig?

There are several online platforms and stores to get lace wigs. However, the best brand of frontal lave wigs is Luvmehair.

Why Luvmehair?

Luvmehair provides the highest quality hair products in the industry, while guaranteeing professional and informed expert assistance for a pampering online shopping experience.

Luvmehair offers a range of frontal lace wigs, which is why your options will never be limited at this place. Once you get your wig from this platform, you can use the tips we have provided you.


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10 home design ideas to spice up your new home!



Moving into a new home can be quite a chore. Often we are pressed with the need to create spaces that feel a little different from the previous place of abode. All these come within a limited budget and even less time to get it perfectly right! (more…)

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Peace Hyde Graces the cover of UK Magnify Collective Magazine



The leading UK faith-based platform with a focus on fashion and feminism, Magnify, just uncovered its 9th edition and it profiles British/Ghanaian media maven and social activist, Peace Hyde as the Cover Star.

Peace Hyde whose year has notched several wins including being the first ever creative to secure Africa’s first original reality tv series from Netflix for Young, Famous and African, as well as, winning the second runner up for the Prestigious Sanlam Excellence in Financial Journalism, has always been a strong advocate of God and Faith making her a perfect cover star for the platform which has profiled the likes of Letitia Wright, Anthony Joshua, Jo Malone on its previous covers.

This is what the Publication had to say about Peace’s remarkable journey from a classroom teacher to one of Africa’s most successful media exports to the world:

“This Edition is dedicated to the theme of vulnerability. Often, we are told that we must choose between being strong or vulnerable. This can lead to us hiding our vulnerable side in fear of being seen as less than by those around us. This is why we wanted Edition 9 to tell the stories of women who are proving that cultivating ambition and vulnerability is both necessary and possible. On our cover, we are honoured to feature Peace Hyde, a media entrepreneur.

Peace’s story is one that shows great intention which has led to incredible achievements, including being the Head of Digital Media & Partnerships for Forbes Africa and the creator of the first African reality show on Netflix, Young, Famous & African. In her interview, she shares the moments of uncertainty which have required her to be honest with herself, and how her faith has directed each step in her career.”

For the full article follow the link:

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Watch: Maame Gold returns to Ghana after 3 decades to open a luxury boutique



Shopping has all the excitement of adding new pieces to your wardrobe. But, when you’re spending a lot of money on luxury pieces, buying from a trusted brand like Maame Gold Online Shop is the best option. (more…)

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