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A Comprehensive Guide for Every Upcoming Youtubers



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YouTube, the biggest video sharing media platform on the internet today, has rapidly gained traction over the decade. Among Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, a lot of content creators are widely using YouTube due to the massive traffic it generates with more than one billion people visiting and using this platform for entertainment and learning. Since people use smartphones more than computers now, the mobile version of this massive platform, which is extremely user-friendly, has risen in popularity. It has been successful because 70% of viewers are mobile users. 

However, not every company or a content marketer is interested in investing in YouTube marketing, regardless of its popularity. They believe that certain content and information can be presented better in text and images and aren’t entirely compatible with the video format. But, they simply underestimate the power of this useful platform. Users spend one-third of their time online, either watching YouTube videos or watching videos on other platforms. With this, it is the right time to become a YouTuber and share your skills with the world. You can massively reach your target audience worldwide, as YouTube is available in 76 different languages and around 56 countries.

If you’re interested in creating content and want to become a YouTuber this year, we’ve put down a super useful guide for you that’ll help you become successful and stand out.

Some Interesting Facts about YouTube Engagement

There are various reasons why becoming a YouTuber this year looks promising. The audience engagement seems to be growing day by day and will keep on expanding over the next few years as well. YouTube is so massive right now that the statistics and data collected for the engagement of the platform are bewildering. The year 2019 witnessed at least 1.9 billion YouTube users on average every month. Users that fall under the 18 to 49-year-old age category use YouTube for entertainment. As mentioned, you can generate and view content in 76 to 80 different languages, targeting almost all countries worldwide.  Talking about No Life Shaq net worth earned on YouTuber  1,000,000 views around the world. 

You can access YouTube in almost 91 countries now. While 55% of people watch videos on various platforms, including YouTube, 92% of users share them across platforms. Tutorials are viewed by almost 50% of the audience, with customer reviews and demo videos being watched by 51% and 49%, respectively. You’d also be surprised to know that YouTube receives 400 hours of video uploads in one minute. With parents and general users searching for videos on education, current affairs, and purchase dilemmas, you can see how people are becoming increasingly dependent on YouTube for almost all questions and issues in their daily lives. 

You can see how YouTube has changed the face of browsing online. These numbers and statistics are enough to inform you of the potential of this platform. 

Defining and Targeting Your Audience

Whether you want to become a makeup blogger, do product reviews, share fitness tips, or showcase your singing talent to the world, YouTube has an audience for everyone and every discipline. People prefer watching videos than reading long blog posts that are too informative. Depending on the type and genre of content you want to produce, you’ll have to target your audience accordingly. For example, a fashion and makeup blog and tutorials would garner more female viewers, particularly in the age group of 15 to 40 years. These are also the people who would buy your products if you’re selling any. 

You’ll also have to determine the form of content and style that your audience would like. Once you start creating content and posting it on YouTube, you can access the “Analytics Tab” if you have a business channel. You can check and compare the statistics regarding the number of views, interaction, watch time, and revenue. This will help you know whether you’re reaching the right audience or not. If not, you can then plan on making changes to your content or presenting it differently to finally reach your target audience. 

Creating Content

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Whether you want to start a fitness channel, a review program, or simply a channel to display your artistic skills, your content should be streamlined and properly formulated to grab your audience’s attention. If you want to become a YouTuber but aren’t too sure about the type of content you want to generate, you can look into the upcoming and demanding fields today. For instance, a lot of viewers seek marketing and business advice, which after some in-depth research can be your thing. You can also contemplate and make a list of things you’re good at. Think about the type of content that can be created within each field and look into the demand for the respective categories. It should give you a fair idea of moving in a particular direction.

You can also combine two or more aspects to create your own identity or signature style. Once you’ve decided on the type of content, you need to determine its language. Conduct research on your audience group and understand the types of content forms that they could be most attracted to. For example, a few viewers prefer watching product reviews whereas others like tutorials. Among channels for talent demonstration, reviews, strategies, and educational content, you need to be specific according to your audience. You can also experiment in the beginning to understand the reactions and preferences.

Monetary Aspects of Becoming a YouTuber

Not only are you doing what you love, but you’re also making money out of it. Getting paid for doing what you like, sounds like a dream, right? Nevertheless, you simply cannot expect to begin earning profits in the initial stages when you’re just starting out. You might have heard a lot of famous YouTubers becoming millionaires over the past few years just by making videos. They have an ample number of subscribers and views. If you’re determined enough, you too can start earning cash by hitting the right aspects.

So, what are the ways and tactics of earning money through YouTube content creation? 

Firstly, you need to be consistent and increase the number of your subscribers. Even though you don’t get paid for subscribers, your views will increase. The more views you have per video, the more chances you get to earn from them. It is termed as CPM, or cost per 1000 video views, which can vary among different creators, depending on the location of the viewers, type of content, and the advertisers that approach you. Around 0.3 cents to 1 cent can be earned per view, increasing to $3 to $10 for 1000 views, and $3000 to $10,000 per million views. You can also generate a lot of revenue thanks to influencer marketing through which you can be hired to promote a product in your video. The company would look into your demographic data and determine your audience’s reach. If you have a relevant audience, you’ll have higher chances of being hired for sponsorships.

Another focus here is ad clicks. The more ads you place in your video, the more people click on them and the more money you can earn. We’ve noticed that YouTube influencers are creating lengthier videos to add more ads or placing three to four ads in a short video. These are the common tactics that YouTubers use to earn money from their videos and content. Yet, how does it work? Google filters these ads and charts out statistics based on the length of the video and viewers’ watch time. These factors are taken into consideration to pay you a certain amount based on Google AdSense and the number of ad clicks of your viewers. 

A Few Strategies to Follow

Now that you’ve gained insights about your target audience and content creation, you need to learn a few strategies that you can apply to grow your channel. Being the second largest search engine after Google, YouTube requires the correct marketing tactics to create more engagement with your audience and increase views.

  • Optimizing for SEO 

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is the leading marketing strategy among content creators and digital marketers. To find any video, users type a few relevant words in the search bar. After that, YouTube categorizes and presents them with a list of the required content. Enhancing the metadata of your video can help optimize the SEO factor. The word metadata means improving your video title, tags, description, and subtitles. All these can help increase your rank on the search engine, helping you gain more views and subscribers. Try to avoid unrelated or over-the-top keywords, as they can risk the removal of your video from the site. 

  • Quality of Your Videos

We ourselves have experienced the pleasure of watching high quality and crisp videos over blurry ones. You want your audience to experience the same. Not only do they look professional, but they’d also be shared more, helping you gather more views. Invest in a good camera that captures high-resolution images and videos. Opt for a white background to keep focus and not cause any distraction for your viewers. Add captions in professional font types that are clearly readable, and don’t look fancy along with text descriptions of products if you’re displaying any. You’d also need good-quality lighting to focus on your content. This will show your audience that you’ve invested the proper time and effort to present a video to them, which will benefit you in return in the form of increased views and shares. 

  • Pay Maximum Attention to Your First Video

Your first video will become your first impression and your identity on this online platform. You want it to be of top quality and well-liked by the majority of your viewers. It’s the foundation that’ll decide your growth and strength of online presence. It’ll help determine your style of presenting your content. However, don’t stop at that. One video won’t fetch you loads of subscribers and views if you don’t post further. You need to be consistent and upload content regularly. Even if you don’t get subscribers and views initially, don’t give up. It’s a slow process. You need to be patient and keep trying.

  • Look into User Engagement Algorithm

You’re following our SEO tricks and making high-quality videos, yet you aren’t receiving the views that you deserve. This is the point where you need to dig into user engagement and feedback algorithm. You need to increase viewer interaction. The number of likes and comments also indicate how much your viewers are enjoying the video. YouTube’s algorithm collects data that determines the number of views per video, the ratings (likes and dislikes), the ratio of people viewing the content and subscribing to your channel, and the comments. If you’ve gained a lot of positive feedback on any video in the form of likes, views, subscribers, and comments, chances are that your video will be ranked higher on the search list. Make sure to create content that grabs your audience’s attention, at least for the first ten to fifteen seconds. If they watch the entire video, there’s nothing better than that.

  • Featuring Other YouTubers or Cross Promotion

This is another underrated tactic that some content creators use to increase views and audience engagement. After you grow your community and have enough subscribers, you can suggest participating in videos created by more experienced content creators within your discipline. This will majorly help spread your name and fetch more subscribers. Keep doing this and collaborating with other influencers to grow more audience. List major YouTubers in your field and try to connect with them through email with pitches of content suggestions and ideas. Keep trying until you convince at least four to five influencers.

Attract more followers by writing an informative video description, putting hashtags, adding bumper ads and watermarks, and regularly scheduling and uploading your videos. It’s time to show and share your skills with the world. Yes, it’ll take time to establish your mark and make your own niche within this competitive community, and it’ll take even more time until you start earning from your content. Yet, consistency is the key. You need to generate content, target your audience, use strategies, and not give up. You can use the help of this guide, as it’ll help you become a content creator or a blogger, grow your channel, and righteously becomes a part of the YouTube community. 



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Why You Should Hire Dynamic Movers in NYC?



Picture 1 2

Are you planning to pack your belongings and leave? Are you planning to move out of NYC to the next town or even to the next state? Can you do the moving on your own? If you want a time-friendly and convenient solution, you need the help of a moving company to move your things and belongings. If you want your household items and other fragile stuff to remain intact while moving, moving companies like Dynamic Movers NYC will be of great assistance.

Before we get into why you need a moving company, you should also know why people do not consider it.

First, they do not hire a moving company because of the cost. It will take a minimum of 700 dollars before you can avail yourself of the services of a moving company if you are moving to another town. But when you are moving to a place with a longer distance, it will cost thousands. This is a huge disadvantage, but if you have prepared in advance and saved enough money, then this should not be a problem. But if you are on a tight budget, you might consider moving with the help of your loved ones.

Second, you cannot move according to your schedule. Instead, you need to wait for the company’s schedule. For example, you only decided to hire a moving company for the next day. If there are no vacancies or if it is during the peak months, it would be challenging to book one. Unlike when you are moving by yourself, you can choose to do this anytime, at your convenience.

Third, you still need to pack by yourself and make the necessary labels so that the moving company will know which items need handling with extra care. Although they offer “white glove service,” where they will do the packaging and even the labeling for you, it will be an additional cost. If you are working on a frugal budget, you cannot afford to pay for another service, right?

Now, let us get into the details of why you should hire a moving company.

First, it saves you a lot of energy and time. If you are busy with preparations and other necessary transactions, you might need their services. If multitasking is not an option for you now, then you need a moving company. Moving also involves strength, especially when lifting and transporting household items. If you are not up for that, then you should hire a moving company.

Second, if moving is for career purposes, your employer would pay the moving costs for you. You would not spend a penny.

Third, if you want to secure your things because they are expensive or have sentimental value, why is risk in moving them yourself? Hiring a moving company would ensure the safe and secure transport of your possessions. Furthermore, because of insurance, moving companies are liable and accountable for any damages to your possessions.

If you are convinced that you need the services of a moving company, there are things you need to consider when determining what you should look for in a moving company. Companies are not “one-size-fits-all.” Their services and costs differ from one company to another. The company you must choose must have open information that is accessible online. They must have complete details like a contact number, website, FMCSA number, license number, and liability insurance. Without these, it would be hard to trust the company.

Second, they must present insurance options with the right coverage. Third, they must have versatile services that work with your budget and needs. Fourth, they must be able to move things long distances (if you are moving to a faraway place). Some companies have a limited distance to cover.

These things being said, the best option for your moving needs is Dynamic Movers NYC. Look them up and book your move today!

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A Guide To Major Events Happening In Accra This December



december party

‘Detty December’ is here again! (more…)

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LuvmeHair Headbands for Wigs: An Essential Product Guide



human hair wig

Whether you’re looking for a way to keep your wig in place or customize your look, headbands for wigs are a must-have accessory. (more…)

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Looking To Start A Side Business? These Are 5 Key Reasons Why It Should Be An Online Business



Small Business

If you’re like most of us, your income isn’t enough to cover your expenses any more. Especially in the current economic climate, it is crucial that we all find means to augment our income. In our part of the world, however, taking a second job is not an option given that most of our jobs aren’t structured in a way that allows us to squeeze in enough time to take on another, assuming you can find another. These odds leave us with one primary way of creating another line of income: entrepreneurship.

Most people only consider traditional brick-and-mortar businesses when they decide to launch a side business. However, with the proliferation of internet-enabled devices and the internet now being ubiquitous, starting an online business has never been more feasible.

In this piece, we will analyze the key advantages an online business offers over a traditional brick and mortar business to emphasize the tremendous benefits. In a subsequent article, I’ll delve into key tips and tactics to help you start your online business. So keep an eye on for that. Now let’s get down to business.


Starting an online business is worthwhile due to its many benefits. Here are a few examples:

  1. The start-up costs are lower.

Before starting, the majority of conventional brick-and-mortar businesses demand sizable initial financial commitments. You would need to take into account merchandise, employee salaries, rent and lease payments, annoying charges from district and municipal authorities, taxes etc.

The majority of these costs can be easily avoided by starting online. In many cases, with a good plan and the right networks, you can start with very little and still manage to build a successful business.

  1. Greater potential for growth

Due to their physical presence, brick-and-mortar businesses are constrained in a number of ways. This implies that the speed and size of their growth can be influenced by physical factors such as time and location.

For instance, having a store in a desirable area like Makola or East Legon means paying high rent, but even this does not ensure that there will be sufficient sales on a regular basis. There is also the fact that you are restricted by your working hours. All these factors put a cap on the growth of a physical business.

Online enterprises, on the other hand, are unaffected by any of these restrictions. When you manage an online business, you transcend locations, boundaries, and time. With more individuals having access to the internet and becoming accustomed to purchasing online, your potential market is constantly growing.

  1. Not limited by time

As we previously mentioned, online businesses are not constrained by the passage of time like brick-and-mortar enterprises are. Even during lockdowns or other disturbances, they can remain open all day, every day of the week.

Once you establish an online presence for your business, clients may place orders and finish transactions whenever they want. This enables your business to produce income without requiring a lot of day-to-day participation.

You will have to put in a lot of time and effort during the early phases of your business. However, with time, you will develop a workable strategy that enables you to effectively increase your ecommerce activities while learning to delegate. In the end, it’s liberating, as you’ll have control over your schedule.

  1. Work from any location

You will undoubtedly be confined to a specific area if you operate a brick and mortar firm.

You can choose the location from where your staff work if you manage an online business. They have the option of working from a home office, a co-working facility, or any other location, depending on the type of business you’re into. Additionally, there is space for mobile work. Simply find an affordable employee monitoring program to keep tabs on your team’s actions.

  1. You have control.

For most brick-and-mortar businesses, the control and management of your staff are dependent on your being physically present. This is especially important in our part of the world, where many employees can be negligent and sometimes even dishonest in carrying out their tasks. For the most part, employees may behave very differently depending on the presence or absence of the business owner.

With online businesses, however, because the majority of the business activities are carried out online, the business owner can easily monitor the activities of staff without being physically present. Most online businesses also have built-in audit systems that are easily accessible to the business owner and cannot be easily altered by employees who wish to engage in fraudulent activities.


I hope you found the information above helpful. If you’re on the verge of starting a side business, critically consider the above advantages. Crucially, remember that lots of businesses that we once thought could only be done physically have been successfully converted to online businesses. So think long and hard and be creative. Above all, keep learning. Look out for my follow-up article .

To your success!

By Aboagye T. Mintah

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12 Surefire Tips For Successfully Starting An Online Business



man with laptop and headphones 1200

Starting an online business might be exciting, but it also has its fair share of difficulties. The fundamental prerequisites for starting and operating any business also apply to online businesses. Starting a business of any kind is tough and requires lots of work and persistence to make it a success.

To assist you in starting and operating your own online business, we have put together a compilation of time-tested tips and tactics to smooth your path. Let’s dig in

  1. Settle on a business idea and a niche to target

Your “niche” is a specific segment of the market that you primarily aim to serve. This can be broad or narrow. For instance, instead of focusing on women’s clothing in general, you could sell only lingerie.

You must choose your niche wisely, though, as it will define your success. Don’t just choose what appeals to you. Analyze the viability of the niche. To find the ideal niche to target, check that they have:

  • A key problem or need that nobody else is resolving.
  • The readiness to pay for a fix to that problem or need.
  • Sufficient disposable income to cover the cost of the solution.
  1. Research the market to support your business idea

In most cases, your own personal research to establish the viability of a niche may not be enough. Remember the biblical words, “the heart of man is treacherous,”. Many people fail because they’re swayed by their own biases into thinking there’s a big market, when in fact that may not be the case. If you have the resources, you may want to hire an independent agency to conduct proper market research for you.

Another way is usually to pilot the business on a microscale to actually test the level of sustainable demand. In both cases, pay attention to exactly what the data says. It holds the key to your business’s success.

Based on the viability of the data, draft a simple business plan that covers how you will source the product or service, how you plan to market it, and how you intend to raise the capital for both. If you have a good, realistic grasp of these three core issues, you’re good to go.

  1. Develop your product or service

It is now time to put your business plan into action. Either selling products or services is an option. It’s important to figure out how to source your products, if that’s what you’re into. You have two options: either make things yourself or find a supplier or manufacturer for your goods. Create packages of your service offers if you are selling a service.

  1. Build your online brand.

You’ll probably need a website to start, depending on the type of business you’re in. Choose a domain name and confirming its availability. Hosting costs normally begin at $8 per month, while domain names typically cost around $20 per year.

 Remember to effectively brand your website in order to distinguish it from competitors. Create a logo that’s unique to your business. Choose a typeface that is appropriate for your sector and ensure that the colors complement the entire design. When finished, the online brand will start to take shape.

Additionally, since the goal of your company is to generate revenue, your website must support payment processing. However, at the start, this might be expensive and challenging. Thank goodness, there are numerous payment options available. You could simply rely on momo payments or connect with any of the numerous payment platforms currently available to assist you.

  1. Market the hell out of your business.

The next step is to make your internet business visible to potential clients after setting it up. There are numerous marketing channels you may use for this.

We will discuss some of the best marketing channels next.

  1. Utilize email marketing.

Numerous messaging platforms are developed daily. Email, however, still remains one of the most effective online communication tools. Your small business can grow and make more money with the aid of email marketing. I have a detailed article of the benefits of email marketing also on You may want to check it out.

Start with an email list of your friends, family, schoolmates, acquaintances, etc. Once your list has grown to a respectable size, you can start promoting your company to current and potential clients.

Tell them why they should pick you over the competition. To market your company to various audience demographics, you can test out various email campaigns. Stick with what works best.

  1. Create an SEO strategy

For your online business, ranking on the first page of search results on websites like Google can be a game-changer. This is what search engine optimization (SEO) means. You must optimize the text, graphics, and videos on your website or online store to rank highly in organic search results.

 With a good SEO strategy, you can significantly increase your consumer base, sales, and financial position. This can be accomplished naturally or with paid advertisements. If you’re internet-savvy enough, you can learn and implement an SEO strategy yourself on YouTube. However, in most cases, you may need an agency that specializes in this to assist you.

  1. Utilize social media to your benefit

The decision to create a social media presence for your small business is no longer a choice. Your online business’s success depends on it. You should get started by learning which social media channel your clients prefer to use and which is most effective for your line of business.

  1. Discounts and promotions are important

Even the tiniest incentives can significantly increase the likelihood that new customers will become repeat ones. Discounts, gifts, free delivery, or anything else that appeals to your customers can be used as incentives. You can use reward-based games and referral programs to express your gratitude to your customers.

  1. Go Mobile

More individuals than ever before utilize mobile devices in their daily lives. Nowadays, a growing number of people utilize their mobile devices for the majority of their daily activities, including shopping. This is why it’s important to make your website mobile-friendly as early as possible.

  1. Create a community for your brand

Building a community around your internet business might seem difficult, but it is doable. You can create powerful communities like many other successful firms have done. You can accomplish this by assembling small groups of your clients—those who have similar values to your company—and capitalizing on them.

It’s the simplest method to turn your customers into brand ambassadors. As soon as you have a sizeable enough customer base, you can create a Facebook group with your customers. Be sure not to surprise them. Get their approval first. Be sure that the parameters for the group are well targeted. With this, Facebook’s robots will help find you more people like your customers to join the group.

Once formed, keep the group active and busy. Offer relevant information about your product or services as well as other incentives. The bigger the group gets, the more potential customers you have to sell to.

  1. Think big

The capacity to leverage the global reach of the internet is the primary distinction between traditional businesses and online ones. Using the internet, you can easily expand your small business internationally.

This is a great approach to growing your consumer base and generating more revenue. Your brand’s awareness may soar if you get into the global market.


Yes, times are hard, but the fact remains that opportunities also abound. Every day, regular folks with unique ideas, training, and services as well as products are building small and big fortunes online. The trick with making it online is to move from being a consumer to a producer. So don’t just binge on YouTube videos and buy from your favorite online stores. Aspire to also leverage the power of the internet to create something that others will be interested in buying.

If you choose to go this route, then I certainly hope you find the tips in this article helpful. Let’s go make some money. To your success!

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5 Timeless Life Lessons In “Once Upon A Riddle”




Come Saturday, December 10th, 2022, we officially premiere our new play, ONCE UPON A RIDDLE, at 3pm and 7pm at National Theatre. Having worked on this story for over a year, I am filled with joy to finally see it come to life on stage. Being our eight play, we are taking it a notch higher. We have written fourteen (14) original songs set to be performed for the first time ever during the play.

In #OnceUponARiddle, a superstar is diagnosed of terminal lung cancer on his birthday. With just a few months to live, he meets a mysterious man who promises to give him an extra life if he answers a riddle correctly. This musical didactically throws light on how money doesn’t matter anymore on one’s deathbed if they have to choose between it and their life.

In a world where money has become the ultimate goal, such a timely play draws the attention of its audience to the little things they daily take for granted. Telling a unique story through music, dance and drama, one question the musical directly poses to its audience is, “How different would you have lived life if you knew you had only 6 months to live?”

There are timeless lessons carefully inculcated into the story. Some of these lessons include;

  • The applause is for your position, not you.

If you are the president, people will hail you because of your office. If you are an army commander, you will be saluted wherever you go. The applause people give you is not for you. The day you lose your office, you lose the applause.

In life, we sometimes get carried away by applause for the things we have. People bow to us because of our nice cars or lucrative careers. They sing our praises because of our gifts and talents. Little do we know that who we are is not what we have. We are not our gifts, neither are we our achievements.

Who we are is what we become when we lose all that life has blessed us with. How people have always perceived us will be revealed the day we lose our luxury. When life takes away our privileges, the applause will fade away. After all, the applause was for those privileges.

  • Life is a privilege, not right.

Life is a gift many take for granted because they assume they are entitled to it. They wake up each morning with little gratitude in their hearts. They assume it is usual for them to have life every day of their life.

 #OnceUponARiddle hints that life is a gift, not right. One must not wait to cherish this gift when they are about to lose it.

When we perceive life as a gift, we are filled with happiness all the time. Each day of our lives, we appreciate how privileged we are to have such a gift. To those who cherish life as a gift, no strife can stand in the way of their joy. As long as they have life today, they have hope for tomorrow.

Those who cherish life are grateful whatever regardless. They don’t wait to have material things to count themselves as blessed. They first count their life as the biggest blessing.

  • Loyalty is tested when hard times come.

The rich have friends; lots of them. When people occupy enviable positions, they have so many people around them. Good times help us know our supposed friends. Bad times help us know our good friends.

Nothing tests the loyalty of people better than hard times. When some things do not benefit some people anymore, their true commitment will come to bear. The commitment of those who claim will die for us will definitely be tested the day that they lose whatever benefits them.

In #OnceUponARiddle, one lesson that every patron is sure to take home is how friends desert us when the party of our lives is over. After all, most of them hang around us because of the party. When there are no more goodies, they vacate every seat they occupied in our lives.

Hard times will sieve our good friends from the bad ones. When life starts hurling failures at us, the true selves of those around us will show up. The day we get into trouble will be that day we will know who will stay with us in the trouble and who will be quick to dissociate themselves from us.

  • Misfortunes can happen to anybody.

We oftentimes assume that when someone is afflicted by a misfortune, it may have been as a result of some wrongdoing of theirs. Well, bad things happen to good people, too. And this is the humbling nature of life. It keeps us far away from pride because we get to realize that we could have been in the shoes of the afflicted.

When the main character of #OnceUponARiddle received the news of his cancer, he cried, “Oh no! But I am good man?”

When we come to admit that those who are enduring any pain of any sort are not any different from us, we sympathize with them. A misfortune is not necessarily a reward for sin. It is a happening in life and we all must learn to comfort those it visits.

Mourn with those who mourn. You are not any righteous than they are. Don’t go about mocking those who are pained. A misfortune is no respecter of person. You could be its next guest.

See you on Saturday, 10th December, 2022 at National Theatre. First show is 3pm and second show, 7pm. Rate is GHC80. You will have an experience of a lifetime!

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications, an Accra-based writing company ( Order for copies of his animation book, Animuonyam The Bully Stopper, via 0243752793. His next play, Once Upon A Riddle, shows on December 10 at National Theatre.


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