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A Comprehensive Guide for Every Upcoming Youtubers

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A Comprehensive Guide for Every Upcoming Youtubers

YouTube, the biggest video sharing media platform on the internet today, has rapidly gained traction over the decade. Among Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, a lot of content creators are widely using YouTube due to the massive traffic it generates with more than one billion people visiting and using this platform for entertainment and learning. Since people use smartphones more than computers now, the mobile version of this massive platform, which is extremely user-friendly, has risen in popularity. It has been successful because 70% of viewers are mobile users. 

However, not every company or a content marketer is interested in investing in YouTube marketing, regardless of its popularity. They believe that certain content and information can be presented better in text and images and aren’t entirely compatible with the video format. But, they simply underestimate the power of this useful platform. Users spend one-third of their time online, either watching YouTube videos or watching videos on other platforms. With this, it is the right time to become a YouTuber and share your skills with the world. You can massively reach your target audience worldwide, as YouTube is available in 76 different languages and around 56 countries.

If you’re interested in creating content and want to become a YouTuber this year, we’ve put down a super useful guide for you that’ll help you become successful and stand out.

Some Interesting Facts about YouTube Engagement

There are various reasons why becoming a YouTuber this year looks promising. The audience engagement seems to be growing day by day and will keep on expanding over the next few years as well. YouTube is so massive right now that the statistics and data collected for the engagement of the platform are bewildering. The year 2019 witnessed at least 1.9 billion YouTube users on average every month. Users that fall under the 18 to 49-year-old age category use YouTube for entertainment. As mentioned, you can generate and view content in 76 to 80 different languages, targeting almost all countries worldwide. 

You can access YouTube in almost 91 countries now. While 55% of people watch videos on various platforms, including YouTube, 92% of users share them across platforms. Tutorials are viewed by almost 50% of the audience, with customer reviews and demo videos being watched by 51% and 49%, respectively. You’d also be surprised to know that YouTube receives 400 hours of video uploads in one minute. With parents and general users searching for videos on education, current affairs, and purchase dilemmas, you can see how people are becoming increasingly dependent on YouTube for almost all questions and issues in their daily lives. 

You can see how YouTube has changed the face of browsing online. These numbers and statistics are enough to inform you of the potential of this platform. 

Defining and Targeting Your Audience

Whether you want to become a makeup blogger, do product reviews, share fitness tips, or showcase your singing talent to the world, YouTube has an audience for everyone and every discipline. People prefer watching videos than reading long blog posts that are too informative. Depending on the type and genre of content you want to produce, you’ll have to target your audience accordingly. For example, a fashion and makeup blog and tutorials would garner more female viewers, particularly in the age group of 15 to 40 years. These are also the people who would buy your products if you’re selling any. 

You’ll also have to determine the form of content and style that your audience would like. Once you start creating content and posting it on YouTube, you can access the “Analytics Tab” if you have a business channel. You can check and compare the statistics regarding the number of views, interaction, watch time, and revenue. This will help you know whether you’re reaching the right audience or not. If not, you can then plan on making changes to your content or presenting it differently to finally reach your target audience. 

Creating Content

Whether you want to start a fitness channel, a review program, or simply a channel to display your artistic skills, your content should be streamlined and properly formulated to grab your audience’s attention. If you want to become a YouTuber but aren’t too sure about the type of content you want to generate, you can look into the upcoming and demanding fields today. For instance, a lot of viewers seek marketing and business advice, which after some in-depth research can be your thing. You can also contemplate and make a list of things you’re good at. Think about the type of content that can be created within each field and look into the demand for the respective categories. It should give you a fair idea of moving in a particular direction.

You can also combine two or more aspects to create your own identity or signature style. Once you’ve decided on the type of content, you need to determine its language. Conduct research on your audience group and understand the types of content forms that they could be most attracted to. For example, a few viewers prefer watching product reviews whereas others like tutorials. Among channels for talent demonstration, reviews, strategies, and educational content, you need to be specific according to your audience. You can also experiment in the beginning to understand the reactions and preferences.

Monetary Aspects of Becoming a YouTuber

Not only are you doing what you love, but you’re also making money out of it. Getting paid for doing what you like, sounds like a dream, right? Nevertheless, you simply cannot expect to begin earning profits in the initial stages when you’re just starting out. You might have heard a lot of famous YouTubers becoming millionaires over the past few years just by making videos. They have an ample number of subscribers and views. If you’re determined enough, you too can start earning cash by hitting the right aspects.

So, what are the ways and tactics of earning money through YouTube content creation? 

Firstly, you need to be consistent and increase the number of your subscribers. Even though you don’t get paid for subscribers, your views will increase. The more views you have per video, the more chances you get to earn from them. It is termed as CPM, or cost per 1000 video views, which can vary among different creators, depending on the location of the viewers, type of content, and the advertisers that approach you. Around 0.3 cents to 1 cent can be earned per view, increasing to $3 to $10 for 1000 views, and $3000 to $10,000 per million views. You can also generate a lot of revenue thanks to influencer marketing through which you can be hired to promote a product in your video. The company would look into your demographic data and determine your audience’s reach. If you have a relevant audience, you’ll have higher chances of being hired for sponsorships.

Another focus here is ad clicks. The more ads you place in your video, the more people click on them and the more money you can earn. We’ve noticed that YouTube influencers are creating lengthier videos to add more ads or placing three to four ads in a short video. These are the common tactics that YouTubers use to earn money from their videos and content. Yet, how does it work? Google filters these ads and charts out statistics based on the length of the video and viewers’ watch time. These factors are taken into consideration to pay you a certain amount based on Google AdSense and the number of ad clicks of your viewers. 

A Few Strategies to Follow

Now that you’ve gained insights about your target audience and content creation, you need to learn a few strategies that you can apply to grow your channel. Being the second largest search engine after Google, YouTube requires the correct marketing tactics to create more engagement with your audience and increase views.

  • Optimizing for SEO 

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is the leading marketing strategy among content creators and digital marketers. To find any video, users type a few relevant words in the search bar. After that, YouTube categorizes and presents them with a list of the required content. Enhancing the metadata of your video can help optimize the SEO factor. The word metadata means improving your video title, tags, description, and subtitles. All these can help increase your rank on the search engine, helping you gain more views and subscribers. Try to avoid unrelated or over-the-top keywords, as they can risk the removal of your video from the site. 

  • Quality of Your Videos

We ourselves have experienced the pleasure of watching high quality and crisp videos over blurry ones. You want your audience to experience the same. Not only do they look professional, but they’d also be shared more, helping you gather more views. Invest in a good camera that captures high-resolution images and videos. Opt for a white background to keep focus and not cause any distraction for your viewers. Add captions in professional font types that are clearly readable, and don’t look fancy along with text descriptions of products if you’re displaying any. You’d also need good-quality lighting to focus on your content. This will show your audience that you’ve invested the proper time and effort to present a video to them, which will benefit you in return in the form of increased views and shares. 

  • Pay Maximum Attention to Your First Video

Your first video will become your first impression and your identity on this online platform. You want it to be of top quality and well-liked by the majority of your viewers. It’s the foundation that’ll decide your growth and strength of online presence. It’ll help determine your style of presenting your content. However, don’t stop at that. One video won’t fetch you loads of subscribers and views if you don’t post further. You need to be consistent and upload content regularly. Even if you don’t get subscribers and views initially, don’t give up. It’s a slow process. You need to be patient and keep trying.

  • Look into User Engagement Algorithm

You’re following our SEO tricks and making high-quality videos, yet you aren’t receiving the views that you deserve. This is the point where you need to dig into user engagement and feedback algorithm. You need to increase viewer interaction. The number of likes and comments also indicate how much your viewers are enjoying the video. YouTube’s algorithm collects data that determines the number of views per video, the ratings (likes and dislikes), the ratio of people viewing the content and subscribing to your channel, and the comments. If you’ve gained a lot of positive feedback on any video in the form of likes, views, subscribers, and comments, chances are that your video will be ranked higher on the search list. Make sure to create content that grabs your audience’s attention, at least for the first ten to fifteen seconds. If they watch the entire video, there’s nothing better than that.

  • Featuring Other YouTubers or Cross Promotion

This is another underrated tactic that some content creators use to increase views and audience engagement. After you grow your community and have enough subscribers, you can suggest participating in videos created by more experienced content creators within your discipline. This will majorly help spread your name and fetch more subscribers. Keep doing this and collaborating with other influencers to grow more audience. List major YouTubers in your field and try to connect with them through email with pitches of content suggestions and ideas. Keep trying until you convince at least four to five influencers.

Attract more followers by writing an informative video description, putting hashtags, adding bumper ads and watermarks, and regularly scheduling and uploading your videos. It’s time to show and share your skills with the world. Yes, it’ll take time to establish your mark and make your own niche within this competitive community, and it’ll take even more time until you start earning from your content. Yet, consistency is the key. You need to generate content, target your audience, use strategies, and not give up. You can use the help of this guide, as it’ll help you become a content creator or a blogger, grow your channel, and righteously becomes a part of the YouTube community. 


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