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A delightful surprise from Guinness Ghana PLC is here



Good friends, good times, good vibes; that’s the mood for all of 2021. If 2020 taught Ghanaians anything, it’s to savour all the moments and hold on tight to those we care about. People are hanging out in smaller groups, sampling new foods and visiting new spots all over Ghana. New drinks are also all the rave; from people making their own, to checking new flavours, to introducing new ingredients.

Speaking of ingredients, the newest kid on the block is honey. Not only is it a better alternative to sugar, but its soothing taste just makes everything ten times better.

If you’re hooked, then buckle up because Guinness Ghana PLC is bringing you something utterly delightful from the Baileys family. Rumour has it that it’s set to be launched in March, although a few lucky regions have gotten a head start.


Think sweet, silky and lush and allow yourself to be ushered into a land flowing with cream and honey. It’ll be perfect for that well-deserved pause at the end of the day

Get your glasses ready and anticipate something sweet and delightful.


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