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A Few Things That Bald Men Need To Stop Doing



I found this interesting feature in a newsletter I received from Zikoko and couldn’t resist sharing on my blog!

Astor George shares these 4 Things Bald Men Need To Stop Doing’:

1) Shaping up (what’s left of) your hairline

Brother man, there comes a time in every bald man’s life where he has to accept that no amount of hairline shape ups can fix things. Chasing your hairline with a clipper every time you get a haircut is only going to send it running away faster. Stop stressing your barber out.

2) Relaxing your hair.

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3) Comb overs

Attempting to cover the balding part of your head with the hair you have left. Don’t do it. Don’t even bother. Doesn’t work. You’re not fooling anyone, walking around with the top of your head looking hair-stuffed bathroom drain.

4) Attempting to grow an afro.

Because the hair on your head that can grow will grow, leaving your bald looking a lawn that’s been trampled too many times regardless of the sign next to it that says, “Do not walk on grass!”.