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Adina hopes to reach every corner of Ghana and beyond



Adina set to spread her wings. Adina set to spread her wings.[/caption] Award winning songstress, Adina has indicated that she is currently seeking to embark on projects that will make her known in all parts of the country and beyond. In an interview at Happy FM, the songstress disclosed that there are much more important things she hopes to achieve in her music career than just winning awards. Receiving plagues is rewarding, but she wants something more than that. She said “I feel like there is no real competition if I’m just getting the same thing over and over again. My challenge is to reach higher heights. To be honest with you, when I say I’m targeting higher heights, I’m not talking about plaques or awards because that is really an icing. it’s just for Ghana and based on the work you have done. It is not my goal, because that is not what makes me a musician. There are other aspects of the job”. She also noted that making her self known in other parts of the country other than Accra was important, “I was discussing with my manager earlier today that hitting in just Accra isn’t the whole of Ghana. There are other parts of the country, there are people who have heard of you and they want to see you. My goal is to reach all those corners so if in the process of reaching out to my fans, my hard work is recognized and they decide to give me an award again for it, I’ll appreciate it and say thank you.”]]>


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