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African dishes to complement your favourite DStv shows



Food and TV typically go hand-in-hand. If you’re like many TV lovers who can’t resist a snack while catching up with your favourite shows, this one is for you!


Africa is packed with uniquely different cuisines that we grew up with and are synonymous with our culture-rich heritage. Of course, cooking at home can also save you a buck or two, so let’s get into some of the tastiest African meals that go perfectly with DStv shows you love – or will soon come to love.


Ugali fries | Kenya


Ugali, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, is made from ground white corn or cassava flour. It’s cooked with water or milk to form a stiff porridge. Ugali fries are the tasty treats that happen when you cut ugali into strips and cook those strips in oil. Sounds quite crispy and delicious, right? Well, it is! Chow down on our Kenyan brothers’ and sisters’ staple dish while watching local cooking show, Hoot, Cook, Go, Thursdays at 3pm on Honey, DStv Channel 173.


Fufu and goat light soup | Ghana


This soup is packed with flavour! To make fufu, cassava and unripe plantains are pounded together into a paste and moulded by hand into dumplings. Then, for this dish, they’re cooked in a rich goat meat soup. While making fufu is quite the workout, this soup will surely give you all the brainpower necessary to keep up with the complex arbitration system in Judging Matters. Catch the next episode Mondays at 5pm on Africa Magic Showcase, DStv Channel 151.


Zanzibar pizza | Tanzania


Is there any other food more suited for catching up on your favourite shows than pizza? But, of course, adding an African flair to the traditional pie makes it so much yummier. This dish resembles more of a pan-fried, savoury (or sometimes sweet) pancake that’s stuffed with fillings like squid or lobster, or chocolate bars and banana – the perfect snack to get you moving to Tanzanian beats. Get into the weekend vibe with Kumi Za Wiki, Fridays at 16:00 CAT on Maisha Magic Bongo, DStv Channel 160.


Africa is home to not only amazing food and unique cuisines, our entertainment is top-notch too. So, remember to download the DStv app to enjoy livestreaming services, and the MyDStv app to manage your subscription from the comfort of your home.


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