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‘Alpha Hour Link’ Sparked Our Initial Conversations – Harold Amenyah Shares Love Story



Popular Ghanaian actor and brand influencer, Harold Amenyah has recounted how his wife, Irene responded to his initial texts with links to popular “Alpha Hour” prayer meeting. 


Sharing the story of how he met with his wife on their newly created YouTube channel, Harold revealed that he first met Irene at a party, and after asking for Irene’s number, she declined.


Harold shared that he went ahead to take the number from Irene’s friend and when he got home, he texted her but he didn’t get a response early.

Harold says when he woke up the next day, he received a response and it was a link to Ghana’s popular prayer meeting, ‘Alpha Hour.’

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‘’When I got home, I texted her and said; This is Harold, and I got your number from your friend. I didn’t get a response early so I dropped my phone and went to bed because it was quite late,’’ he stated.


According to Harold, his wife kept ignoring all the messages he sent via WhatsApp but never forgot to send him the link whenever it was midnight.

Harold revealed that despite ignoring messages which was not related to the prayer meeting, Irene only spoke to him on some of the topics raised during the prayer meeting and was quite happy Harold joined.

He asserted that after taking the meeting seriously, he eventually started getting testimonies, which made him realise Irene was the best for him. He noted that discussions about the prayer meeting sparked other initial conversations which led to them becoming fond of each other.

Harold and Irene’s love story blossomed and they tied the knot at a private event on Saturday, April 2, 2023, at Peduase.


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