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Ameyaw TV presents Top 6 strong Ghanaian celebrity couples



TOP 6 GHANAIAN CELEBRITY MARRIAGES TOP 6 GHANAIAN CELEBRITY MARRIAGES[/caption] 2018 seems to be the year for celebrity weddings, with some of our favorite celebs walking down the aisle. But there are celebrities who have been in the marriage game for sometime and are still going strong.

In this regard, we have drawn a list of the top 6 power couples in Ghanaian entertainment today. These couples have a heavy presence in the industry, social circles and red carpets plus they never fail to make bold fashion statements whenever they step out at functions, be it alone or together.
Many of them have been together for years, others are newbies in the ‘marriage business’, but whatever the case the unmistakable thing is their compatibility, sense of style and overall personalities.
These power couples have the stage today because they make everything about and around them so beautiful in the rough, chaotic world we live in.
This said, Ameyaw TV presents below, #THELIST of top 6 celebrity marriages in the entertainment industry today!



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